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Fighting off aggressiveness with homoeopathy

In general, aggressiveness is a behaviour characterized by actions dominated by a form violence that is hostile in character, and which can manifest itself physically or verbally. Suicide is also a form of aggressiveness. Very often, narcotics, drugs and tobacco are elements that can lead to addiction. Excessive consumption of these products can cause aggressive behaviour in humans. However, a sudden stop, detox or a smoking cessation may also lead to aggressiveness. There are a number of conventional drugs that help fight against the signs and symptoms of aggressiveness. Nevertheless, it is also possible to opt for homoeopathic remedies that are more gentle and natural.

Symptoms of aggressiveness

In most cases, an aggressive person tends to have a hard time falling asleep. Because of this lack of sleep, the person becomes irritable and lacks self-control. Often appearing during smoking cessation or detox, aggressiveness can be difficult to control. During these times, people who are forced to stop smoking or drinking become more irritable and feel nervous all the time. This nervousness is caused by withdrawal symptoms and the irrational desire to consume tobacco or alcohol. Indeed, smoking cessation is much harder to achiever for a heavy smoker and requires a period of adaptation. Until that state is reached, that person may be moody and become aggressive for no apparent reason.

Treating irritability and excitation

To calm the nerves and to alleviate aggressive irritability, it is recommended to take 5 granules of Nux Vomica 15 or 30 CH, depending on the severity of the fits. In the first days, during which the manifestations of irritability are quite important, the remedy must be taken at least three times a day, a frequency that can be reduced as soon as improvement is noticed. This remedy is especially effective for patients in the course of coffee, tobacco or alcohol cessation. To relieve the mood swings and irascibility, take 5 granules of Actea Racemosa 5 to 15 CH or Ignatia 9 to 15 CH together or in alternation, depending on the patient’s choice. In case the aggressiveness leads to excitation or a behavioural disorder, take 5 granules of Chamomilla Vulgaris 15 CH during two weeks. If the patient’s condition does not improve, continue the treatment with 5 granules of Chamomilla Vulgaris, to be taken every other day over a one-month period.

Treating insomnia

To fight off insomnia and thus decrease aggressiveness, it is advisable to take 3 granules of Nux vomica 7 CH before going to bed. Aconit 9 CH is also an effective remedy that soothes restless sleep and helps to fight off insomnia. The recommended dosage is 3 granules to be taken at bedtime and during the night when the patient wakes up until improvement is noticed.

Treatment related to smoking cessation

Since uncontrolled aggressiveness usually occurs during tobacco or alcohol cessation, it is useful to know the remedies that can be administered depending on the symptoms shown. Moschus 9 CH and Sumbul 9 CH both alleviate nervousness. Three granules of each remedy must be taken alternatively three times a day. Caladium Seguinum 9 CH is also a remedy that is effective in dealing with irrational urges to smoke. Three granules of this remedy are to be taken in the morning and evening. To relieve the urge to smoke, it is also recommended to take 5 granules of Lobelia Inflata three times a day, half an hour before the meals. Additional granules may be taken when the urge to smoke becomes pressing and uncontrollable.

When should you consult a doctor?

If taking the recommended homoeopathic remedies does not lead to noticeable improvement of the patient’s condition, a medical consultation becomes necessary and indispensable. The same is true if the ailments persist or re-appear despite the treatment’s administration.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “aggressiveness”

Associated treatments

  • Nux Vomica

Good to know: Although there are several types of drugs aimed at reducing the troublesome side effects resulting from smoking cessation, like irascibility or nervousness, homoeopathy remains a top-grade therapeutic method in the treatment of aggressiveness and its associated symptoms.

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