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Treating alcoholism with homoeopathy

Alcoholism is a behavioural disorder caused by an excessive consumption of alcohol. This pathology can be treated with homoeopathic remedies.

Symptoms and complications of alcoholism

Alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol that can result in physical and psychological dependence. An alcoholic subject is easily recognized by his or her wild eyes, fixed stare, and odd behaviour. Furthermore, subjects suffering from alcoholism present a somewhat altered central nervous system. An alcoholic individual may vomit and urinate, all the while being completely unaware of his or her actions. The subject may feel dizzy and be subject to frequent headaches that may last for several hours after awakening. Consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol can be fatal given that vomit may be inhaled into the lungs due to the failure of the nervous system in charge of the gag reflex. In some cases, the ingested alcohol can impair lung function.

Treating alcoholism with homoeopathy

Subjects who are prone to excessive alcohol consumption, particularly those who have a tendency to become drowsy, but are not subject to any complications, should take Nux vomica. Occasional drinkers can take Lachesis mutus. The appropriate dose for patients with obvious complications is 5 granules of Lachesis 5 CH, to be taken twice a day. Sepia is indicated for a patient who is unable to lie down on his or her right side due to his or her enlarged liver. The patient who feels some relief by lying on the left flank should take Natrum sulphuris, especially when diarrhoea occurs after breakfast. A thick tongue that is covered by yellow coating and significant salivation are two symptoms that should be treated with Mercurius.

When should you consult a doctor?

It is necessary to consult a doctor when drowsiness is observed. In case of behavioural disorder, such as aggressive tendencies, and if the subject performs abnormal movements, he or she must consult a doctor who will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “alcoholism”

Associated treatments

•    Aurum Muriaticum
•    Lachesis Mutus
•    Nux Vomica
•    Sulphur

Associated pathologies

•    Cirrhosis
•    Addictive behaviour

 Good to know: When treating alcoholism, it is mandatory to use water instead of alcohol in the preparation of remedies that need to be taken orally.

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