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Alleviating bruises with homoeopathy

A bruise, also referred to as a contusion, is bleeding under the skin resulting from an impact and that leaves a bluish spot on the surface of the skin.  It is characterized by an unopened effusion of blood causing severe pain. A bruise is not alarming if it is caused by a simple contusion that only reaches the surrounding capillaries and tissue, even if it is accompanied by swelling. However, it is serious if the shock responsible for the bruise results in a fracture or internal bleeding or if the haematoma has an impressive size.

Symptoms of bruises

We can distinguish two main types of bruises, namely minor bruises and severe bruises. Minor bruises causes only superficial bruising at the tissue level and is not very painful. Depending on the intensity of the blow and the patient’s sensitivity, a blue or a red spot may gradually appear on the affected body part and swelling may appear, before decreasing a few hours later. Slight bruising is harmless and disappears without after a few weeks without leaving any mark.

In regard to severe bruises, they are fairly deep unopened contusions. The effusion of blood is almost immediate and the haematoma forms right after the impact. The swelling increases with the intensity of pain. In case of significant internal bleeding, the bruise can lead to compartment syndrome, which is most often responsible for sudden stoppage of blood flow to the affected area and surrounding tissues. When the bruise is severe, it can also reach internal organs and be accompanied by fractures or ligament rupture.

Homoeopathic treatment of painful bruises

In case of light bruising, alleviate pain by applying ice to the affected area, followed by Arnica-based gel. If the pain persists and is accompanied by the formation of a bump or bruise, take five granules of Arnica 5 CH every quarter of an hour during the first hour following the impact, and then another five granules every hour until improvement is observed. This dosage is especially indicated for adults. For children, it is better to administer them 3 granules of Arnica 9 CH three times a day.

Recommended treatment in case of haematoma

In case a small bump starts to form, use Bellis perennis 5 CH or Hamamelis 5 CH. They will be even more effective when combined with Arnica montana. But if the swelling continues to increase and causes the affected limb to feel numb, administer five granules of Ledum pallustre 5 CH or Sulfurucum acidum 5 CH. And if the bruises are located on sensitive body parts, let 3 granules of Hypericum 4 CH or Calendula 4 CH dissolve under the tongue every thirty minutes.

Recommended treatment in case of muscular or ligamentous lesions

If a muscular injury, sprain or dislocation caused by a shock leads to the appearance of bruise, Arnica 6 K is the most appropriate homoeopathic remedy. However, Hamamelis 5 CH and Bellis 5 CH can also be used to relieve the symptoms. Moreover, to treat internal injuries located around the ligaments and bone surface, combine Symphytum CH 4 and / or Ruta 4 CH with  Arnica 4 CH. Three granules of each remedy should be taken separately every thirty minutes until the pain goes away and swelling decreases.

When should you consult a doctor?

Regardless of whether it affects a child or an adult, a bruise that appears for no apparent reason requires medical examination. In addition, you should never hesitate to seek medical attention after a fall from a height resulting in the appearance of a local contusion or after an impact affecting a sensitive body part – that is to say the face, eyes or joints. Medical consultation is also essential if the bruise leads to paralysis, sensory disorders, or if it is accompanied by other injuries.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “bruises”

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•    Bellis Perennis
•    Ledum Palustre

Associated pathologies

•    Menopause
•    Premenstrual syndrome
•    Trauma

 Good to know: Thanks to homoeopathy, it is possible to treat even the most severe bruises and to relieve the most unbearable pain.

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