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Cardiovascular disorders

Preventing cardiovascular disorders with homoeopathy

Becoming more and more common these days, cardiovascular diseases mainly affect the elderly. However, given the relatively high level of stress in daily life, these pathologies do not spare younger patients There are several types of cardiovascular diseases ranging from hypertension (HT) to extrasystoles. These diseases are serious and fatal and can lead to sudden heart failure if they are not treated on time.

Symptoms of cardiovascular disorders

Symptoms vary depending on the type of disease. Cardiovascular diseases may be characterized by increasing blood pressure in the arteries. Usually, this symptom is accompanied by headaches and a feeling of heaviness in the neck when one eats a salted dish and/or carries out intense physical effort. Along with these ailments, the affected person is subject to an increasing heart rate.

Cardiovascular diseases may also manifest themselves through the onset of severe pain in the precordial area, mainly due to contractions of the heart’s coronary vessels. In most cases, the pain is felt on the left side of the body, behind the breastbone, and may spread to the shoulder, arm and jaw. These symptoms occur mainly as a result of overexertion. In addition, cardiovascular disease may also lead to the sudden onset of additional heart muscle contractions. Extrasystoles can stem from various sources: coffee consumption, fear, annoyance, etc..

Basic treatment

As a precaution, it is advisable to take one dose of Arnica Montana 9 CH as well as one dose of Phosphorus 9 CH every 2 weeks to minimize the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. However, the intakes must be regular to optimize the treatment’s effect.

Preventing cardiovascular risks resulting from increased blood pressure

To regulate blood pressure, you can alternate intakes of Aurum 7 CH with Baryta carbonicum 7 CH in the morning. In both cases, the doses should consist of 5 granules. At bedtime, take 5 granules of Glonoinum 5 CH. If the pathology is accompanied by headaches, the treatment will require an intake of Melilotus 5 CH.

Preventing cardiovascular diseases that manifest themselves by painful sensations

Regarding the homoeopathic treatment of cardiovascular diseases that are accompanied by painful sensations, the intake of a single medication may sometimes be sufficient its effects are immediate. At the beginning of the attack, take a dose of Aconite 7 CH. If the disease persists, take 5 granules of Spigelia 5 CH every 10 minutes. If the pain affects the body’s left side, the patient will need to take 3 granules of Latrodectus mactans 5 CH from the onset of the attack.

Preventing cardiovascular disorders due to heart muscle contractions

If contractions and palpitations are mainly due to the consumption of coffee, the treatment involves taking Nux vomica 7 CH or Coffea 5 CH at bedtime. If the pathology occurs as a result of physical effort and is accompanied by headaches, take Spifelia 7 CH. If contractions are caused by upset feelings or fear, the most suitable remedies are either a dose of Ignatia 7 CH or a dose of Aconite 9 CH. If the extrasystoles are linked to menopause, the patient should take Berberis 9 CH.

When should you consult a doctor?

Even though it has a proven effectiveness in numerous cases, the homoeopathic treatment is far from sufficient if the pathology is already at an advanced stage. If the manifestations of the disease persist or worsen despite the intake of homoeopathic remedies, it is essential to quickly see a doctor to perform further comprehensive and specific analyses.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “cardiovascular disorders”

Associated treatments

•    Arnica montana
•    Phosphorus

Good to know: In traditional medicine, aspirin is used to prevent cardiovascular disorders. Although this medication is suitable, its effect can be optimized by the intake of remedies such as Arnica montana and Phosphorus.

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