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Treating chemosis with homoeopathy

Mainly due to contact with an allergen, a chemosis can occur at any age. Although it is not contagious, a chemosis is a nuisance for the affected person.

Overview of the pathology

A chemosis is characterized by a swelling of the conjunctiva. This ocular disorder is generally due to an acute and allergic conjunctivitis or a conjunctival burn. It is a chronic and recurring pathology that manifests itself depending on the presence of an allergen.

Symptoms of chemosis

Following a contact with an allergen, a chemosis manifests itself by an oedema on the conjunctiva. Taking on the appearance of roll of flesh located in the space between the eyelids, a chemosis may also cause itching. In certain cases, an increase in the eyelids’ volume is noticed among affected persons. Depending on the disease’s development, tearing can become important and the secretions can end up hindering the sight. These symptoms are also accompanied by a difuse and bilateral redness around the eyelids.

Recommended homoeopathic remedies

In some cases, tearing mainly irritates the lower eyelid and is accompanied by a small red patch. The recommended treatment is Euphrasia 5 CH. In addition, Euphrasia-based eye drops are also effective for the treatment of chemosis. The remedy Apis mellifica, in dilutions ranging from 5 to 9 CH, is also advised to cure chemosis. If the patient has a large oedema near the eyelids as well as significant tearing, the recommended treatment is Kalium iodatum. In addition, if tearing is substantial but does not cause any twitching, the patient can take Allium cepa 5 CH.

When should you consult a doctor?

Medical consultation becomes mandatory if the chemosis persists despite taking homoeopathic treatments. The patient should also seek further medical attention if his or her eye becomes hard and sore or if his or her visual acuity significantly decreases. Furthermore, an affected person should consult a doctor in case of nausea, vomiting, or if redness is present around the limb. If the patient suffers from diabetes, rheumatisms or multiple sclerosis, it is primordial to seek medical advice prior to starting a treatment. Similarly, self-medication is advised against in case of pregnancy.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “chemosis”

Associated treatments

  • Apis mellifica

Good to know: Applying ointment or eye drops is recommended for the treatment of chemosis. The patient can use eye drops that contain Calendula 3 DH or Euphrasia 3 DH.

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