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Relieving cracks with homoeopathy

Cracks are painful fissures that appear on the lips and hands, and are caused by the cold, moisture or skin contact with detergents. They can be cured by homoeopathy. If the symptoms persist, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Indeed, homoeopathy can mostly alleviate the cracks, but is not necessarily able to eliminate them.


Cracks appear on the skin when it is dehydrated by the cold, dry air or prolonged contact with the earth, as well as some irritating products like paint and detergents. As for the lips, the appearance of cracks can be caused by respiratory problems, allergy to sunlight, or by consuming certain foods or hot drinks.


Dehydration favours the appearance of cracks, which are characterized by shallow cuts in the skin that heal and bleed easily. They are painful and tend to open up when subjected to any type of friction.

Treatment according to the symptoms

Homoeopathic treatment of cracks depends on their location and appearance. If they are on the lips, use Condurango 5 CH, especially if the cracks are located at the corners of the mouth. On the other hand, take Natrum muriaticum 5 CH if the crack is in the middle of the lower lip. As for Belladonna 7 CH, it should only be administered if the skin becomes red, hot and painful to the touch.

If cracks are found on the nipple, combine Arnica 5 CH and Phytolacca CH 5, taking 5 granules of each remedy 3 times a day. If you have cracks on both hands, lips, and feet, take 5 granules of Petroleum 5 CH three times a day, then 5 granules twice a day until improvement is noticed. If the cracks are painful and are located on the fingertips, then it is best to take a daily 5-granule dose of Nitricum acidum 15 CH. Normally, the first results should become apparent within 3 weeks of treatment.

Advice for preventing cracks

To avoid chapped hands, apply a softening and moisturising cream daily, use a superfatted hand soap and avoid prolonged exposure to detergents. Always cover yourself up thoroughly before going out in cold weather and adopt a diet rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids.

When should you consult a doctor?

Despite all of these treatments, the cracks may persist. This is especially true if you have a skin condition like a fungal infection on the hands or cold sores, or if you have diabetes. However, the situation sometimes worsens and the chapped area swells up and becomes red-hot. In such case, it is imperative to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “cracks”

Associated treatments

•    Arnica
•    Belladonna
•    Natrum Muriaticum
•    Nitricum Acidum
•    Petroleum

Good to know: To treat cracks, some homoeopathic remedies come in the form of granules to be taken orally, while others come in the form of ointments that need to be applied on the affected area.

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