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Crural neuralgia

Relieving crural neuralgia with homoeopathy

Being both very similar conditions, sciatica and crural neuralgia only differ by the path they take. Depending on signs that indicate the condition’s presence, there are a number of suitable homoeopathic remedies available.

What is crural neuralgia?

Cural neuralgia results from an inflammation of the femoral nerve caused by axonal, truncal or spinal injuries. Crural neuralgia manifests itself through sharp pain that occurs in the lower limbs. Although it usually appears after one has remained seated for an extended period of time, crural neuralgia can be caused by the presence of a cyst, arthrosis, a discal hernia or an accumulation of blood around the lumbar roots. The lack of physical exercise is also among the causes that are likely to lead to this disease. Furthermore, crural neuralgia is very common among older people.

Symptoms of crural neuralgia

Crural neuralgia manifests itself by pain that radiates from the lower back and spreads to the front part of the thigh, knee and foot. In addition, a person who is affected by crural neuralgia feels pain at each sudden bending of the knee. Furthermore, the patient may have insensitivity in his or her lower limbs. Men suffering from crural neuralgia may also experience swelling of the testicles. Allodynia and paresthesia are also two symptoms of crural neuralgia.

Homoeopathic remedies for treating crural neuralgia

If crural neuralgia occurs after being exposed to dry cold weather, it is advisable to take a dose of Aconite 15 CH. Besides, if the symptoms affect an individual after he or she has caught a cold following physical exercice, the appropriate remedy is Dulcamara. To deal with pain that is caused by even the slightest movements, the affected person can take Bryonia 7 to 9 CH. In addition, Belladonna 5 to 9 CH is effective for relieving pain caused by contact, shocks and cold drafts. For sharp pain accompanied by numbness, the recommended homoeopathic remedies are Gnapahlium 7 to 9 CH and Plumbum 7 to 9 CH. To relieve nerve damage, inject the patient Hyperricum, Perforacum or Ledum palustre. In case of anxiety, irritability or inability to withstand pain, Chamomilla 15 CH can prove to be a very effective remedy. Finally, regarding pain caused by immobility and cold humid weather, the affected person can take Rhus toxicodendron 7 to 9 CH.

When should you consult a doctor?

It is imperative to seek specialized medical attention if the treatment being taken proves to be ineffective, if the condition becomes recurrent or if the symptoms persist. If crural neuralgia becomes disabling or hyperalgesic, it becomes essential to consult a doctor.

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Good to know: Given that sciatica and crural neuralgia manifest themselves similarly, both can be treated with the same homoeopathic remedies.

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