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Treating gastritis with homoeopathy

Gastritis refers to an inflammation of the lining of the stomach. The lesions responsible for this condition may be superficial, petechial, purpuric or necrotizing ulcerative. Gastritis is a disease that can either be acute or chronic. Although it is possible to detect the pathology’s presence from its symptoms, only a gastroscopy can help diagnose it to ensure effective treatment. Other medical examinations, including biopsy, are then used to determine its degree of severity. If not treated on time and effectively, chronic gastritis can lead to stomach cancer.

Causes of gastritis

Stress is one of the leading causes of gastritis. But the side effects of certain types of medication, mainly anti-inflammatory drugs, may also be the source of the ailment. People dependent on alcohol, tobacco or coffee are also most exposed to the disease. However, the pathology may also be the result of bacterial infections or weakness of several internal organs.

Associated symptoms

Gastritis is usually manifested by abdominal pain. This pain may be accompanied by feelings of discomfort after meals, heartburn, stomach bloating, constipation and sometimes nausea and vomiting. Whether acute or chronic, gastritis can also cause loss of appetite, pallor, bad breath, weight loss and / or pronounced anaemia.

Homoeopathic treatments

To relieve pain caused by gastritis, avoid eating fried foods and overeating. Alcoholic beverages, coffee and tobacco are also advised against. As for the actual treatment of the disease, the most appropriate homoeopathic remedies are Bismuthum 4 CH, Cuprum 5 CH and Chamomilla 5 CH. Thus, in case of gastric intolerance and ulceration, take 3 granules of Bismuthum 4 CH three times a day, especially if the pain is sharp and burning and if the patient suffers from stomach cramps and ulcerous sensations. If the patient’s body is moist and gastritis manifests itself through violent spasms accompanied by muscle cramps, resort to a single 3-granule intake of Cuprum 5 CH. Finally, to alleviate irritability, hypersensitivity and mood swings caused by colic flatulence with fetid gas, take a daily 3-granule dose of Chamomilla 5 CH.

When should you consult a doctor?

Long before the onset of any symptom that could make you think of gastritis, it is advisable for smokers who are over 50 years old to regularly consult a doctor for a medical examination. Furthermore, any person who has a hard time digesting or feels inopportune sensations of hunger should also seek medical attention. In any case, it is best to only use the homoeopathic remedies that were prescribed by a homoeopath.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “gastritis”

Associated treatments

•    Argentum Nitricum
•    Colocynthis
•    Hydrastis Canadensis
•    Ignatia Amara
•    Lycopodium Clavatum

Associated pathologies

•    Dyspepsia

 Good to know: The effectiveness of the homoeopathic remedy used to eradicate gastritis mainly depends on the patient’s dietetic hygiene.

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