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Heart failure

Handling heart failure more efficiently with homoeopathy

Possibly caused by myocardial cells that suffer from an inflammatory or toxic attack, heart failure is, as its name suggests, a disorder that affects the heart. Indeed, this organ is no longer able to pump blood properly, which impedes on the blood flow that is vital to proper tissue function. The blood supply thus becomes insufficient, while the venous system becomes congested with blood. Congestive heart failure affects both sides of the heart and therefore results from the combination of left and right ventricular failure. The main known causes of heart failure are cardiomyopathy, myocardial ischemia or mitral valve disease.


Heart failure can affect both the left and right ventricles. In the first case, the lung is no longer able to normally evacuate the blood into the left atrium through the pulmonary veins, thus resulting in breathing difficulties experienced by the affected person. For this reason, breathing speeds up at the slightest exertion, becoming increasingly difficult in such conditions. Heart failure in the right ventricle manifests itself by the appearance of oedemas on the lower limbs. The affected person also has an enlarged and painful liver and turgid veins due to the slower blood flow.

Treating heart failure

To alleviate minor ailments that affect the heart rate, take 5 granules of Digitalis purpurea 7 CH per day until significant improvement is observed. To treat heart failure that is accompanied by a vascular depression, it is better to opt for Aurum Metallicum 15 CH. In case of heart failure accompanied by bradycardia with or without arrhythmia, it is best to follow a basic treatment with Apocynum cannabinum 7 CH. Finally, Phosphorus can also be used in homoeopathy to reduce risks of heart failure. It should also be noted that the dosage for some disorders, such as extrasystole for example, must imperatively be determined by your attending physician.

When should you consult a doctor?

As soon as the first symptoms of heart failure appear, promptly consult a doctor to avoid serious complications like pulmonary embolism, cerebral haemorrhage or even sudden death.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “heart failure”

Associated treatments

•    Aurum Muriaticum
•    Carbo Vegetabilis
•    Digitalis Purpurea
•    Glonoinum
•    Kalium Carbonicum
•    Phosphorus

Associated pathologies

•    Oedema

Good to know: To treat heart failure more effectively, Digitalis Purpurea can be combined to other remedies such as Aurum Muriaticum, Glonoinum or Kalium Carbonicum.

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