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Treating herpes with homoeopathy

Herpes is a viral infection caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (Hsv) that affects the skin and mucous membranes. Its treatment with the appropriate homoeopathic remedies produces results that are sometimes much more conclusive than the usual antiviral-based treatments.


Herpes is a condition caused by a virus called the Herpes Simplex Virus (Hsv). This virus can come in two distinct forms. The first is the HSV1 which mainly affects the face, while the second form is the HSV2 virus and is responsible for anogenital lesions. The triggering factors of the disease may be fatigue, menstruation, stress or excessive sun exposure. The herpes virus is often the main cause of genital ulcers.

However, a distinction needs to be made regarding tinea corporis, also known as ringworm, tinea circinata and tinea glabrosa. This form of the disease is caused by fungi, which is not the case of the two virus types previously mentioned. In this case, the infection looks red and slightly healed in the centre, but tends to become scaly or vesicular on its edges. The lesion usually doesn’t itch. To prevent the spread of herpes, it is mandatory to resort to observe precautions in terms of hygiene. Because this disease is highly contagious, the precautions include avoid touching or scratching the affected parts.

Symptoms of herpes

Herpes comes in the form of recurrent skin rashes. It can affect different parts of the body but its location around the genital area is most troublesome. In addition, herpes is sometimes accompanied by swelling, and itching and burning sensations that may sometimes become unbearable and that are caused by the formation of water-filled blisters. A specialist can confirm the diagnosis by taking samples on the vesicles or ulcerations. After a while, the vesicles rupture, which eventually results in the formation of a crust, an indication of the ongoing healing process.

Homoeopathic disease-modifying treatments

To fight against herpes, a preventive treatment is always indicated. Several types of homoeopathic remedies can be used for this purpose. Taking a dose of Vaccinotoxinum 9 CH from the onset of the first symptoms is indicated for all types of herpes. To complete this treatment, it is advisable to take 5 granules of Rhus toxicodendron 15 CH every 2 hours as well as 5 granules of Staphysagria 9 CH four times a day.

Homoeopathic treatment of genital herpes

To treat genital herpes, it is necessary to combine Vaccinotoxinum 9 CH with remedies like Borax 9 CH or Rhus toxicodendron 15 CH, 5 granules of which need to be taken every two hours. In case of substantial pruritus, it is better to take Croton triglium 9 CH, taking care to respect the same dosage. If the symptoms are accompanied by sciatica, take 5 granules of Hypericum perforatum 9 CH every two hours. Finally, if the attack occurs as a result of an annoyance, take 5 granules of Staphysagria 9 CH four times a day.

Other remedies

Other homoeopathic remedies may also be suggested depending on the nature and symptoms of herpes. Thus, Psorinum is used to fight against herpes that tend to recur each winter. Anagallis arvensis is also used to treat the erupting clusters of blisters, while Dulcamara, Kreosotum and Petroleum are used against vulvar affections. Facial and oral herpes, more common in children, are also treated with Silicea (for the lips), Natrum muriaticum 9 H (lips and anus), and Sulfur iodatum (for the lips and chin).

Local treatment can be carried out using cream and liquid antiseptics, like grapefruit seed extract for example. Ringworm can be treated by administering anti fungal creams locally, and applying them once or twice a day, taking care to spread the remedy well outside the limits of the lesion. It should be noted that homoeopathic treatments are generally used in complement to the usual essential oils and other antiviral creams.

When should you consult a doctor?

Once the pathology reaches a certain stage, especially when the skin lesions become recurrent and occur several times in one year, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Similarly, a pregnant woman who notices a herpes outbreak on her body must absolutely inform her doctor of the condition in order to avoid transmitting the virus to the baby. Moreover, if the lesion caused by herpes is likely to be a hindrance, never hesitate to seek the advice of a specialist. People suffering from genital herpes are particularly vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. Therefore, it is strongly advised to be screened for STIs at the first signs of the herpes virus so that the doctor can prescribe the adequate treatment on time.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “herpes”

Associated treatments

•    Anagallis Arvensis
•    Borax
•    Croton Tiglium
•    Dulcamara
•    Hypericum Perforatum
•    Kreosotum
•    Medorrhinum
•    Mezereum
•    Natrum Muriaticum
•    Petroleum
•    Psorinum
•    Ranunculus Bulbosus
•    Rhus Toxicodendron
•    Sepia Officinalis
•    Staphysagria
•    Sulphur
•    Vaccinotoxinum

Good to know: Homoeopathy also helps to treat ringworm, an affection caused by a fungi and that comes in the form of erythematosquamous lesions.

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