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Treating hypersalivation with homoeopathy

Hypersalivation is a condition that can be caused by pregnancy or by lesions in the oral mucous membranes. In addition, taking certain types of medications may lessen the swallowing reflex and lead to hypersalivation.

Overview of the pathology

Hypersalivation refers to excessive production of saliva. It can be caused by facial paralysis that prevents the lips from retaining saliva. Hypersalivation may also have other origins, such as acute inflammations of the epiglottis, which result in discomfort when swallowing.

Symptoms of hypersalivation

Sialorrhea occurs by dripping saliva. In children, it may cause skin rashes to appear on the chin. Furthermore, adults suffering from Parkinson’s disease may also show symptoms of hypersalivation. In this case, the condition is not due to an excessive secretion of saliva, but rather to a swallowing dysfunction. Finally, hypersalivation may also result in speech disorders or dehydration.

Homoeopathic treatments

Hypersalivation can be treated with the homoeopathic remedy Jaborandi 4 CH to 9 CH. If hypersalivation occurs during pregnancy that is accompanied by nausea, the recommended homeopathic remedies are: Helonia, and Granatum Lacticum acidum.

Taking Staphysagria is also effective in case of pregnancy accompanied by vomiting. If hypersalivation is caused by a local inflammation, a salivary stone or neurovegetative dystonia, the most appropriate remedy is Ignatia 5 CH. The treatment then consists of taking 2 granules of Ignatia three times a day. This remedy is also effective for hypersalivation resulting from a gastric or oesephageal tumour.

When should you consult a doctor?

Medical consultation is required in case of painful salivation, failure to salivate or lack of saliva production. If swelling occurs under the jaw or if the salivary glands become inflame, a medical consultation may be required as well. Proper care can prevent aspiration pneumonia, a condition caused by the presence of saliva in the lungs, from occurring. In case of severe pain, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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