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Overcoming insomnia with homoeopathy

Insomnia is characterized by difficulties falling asleep and /or overly light sleep. Insomnia is said to be acute when it lasts from one to three weeks, and chronic when it lasts for more than a month and occurs at least three times a week. Treated on time, insomnia is usually overcome within a few weeks. However, some cases of insomnia have more serious origins, such as a psychological trauma for example, in which case the treatment can take years.


Insomnia can be caused by several factors. Nutrition greatly affects sleep, especially the evening meal. Thus, a light, fat free and sugar free diet, deprived of stimulants, is recommended for dinner. The types of fool that should be avoided are caffeinated or energizing beverages, chocolate, but also alcohol and even some medications. Tobacco and other drugs may also result in insomnia.

In addition to food, an environment that is not conducive to sleep can be a factor of insomnia, that is to say, an area exposed to light, noise or overly high or low temperature. Changes in the regular routine, such as moving, jet lag, naps longer than usual, etc.. can also lead to sleep disorders. Obesity also reduces sleep while causing snoring and sleep apnoea. Feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression are also sources of insomnia.

Basic treatment

Homoeopathy can be used to treat insomnia, and the remedies are chosen according to the factors responsible for the sleep disorder. The basic treatment that can be used, regardless of the cause of the disease, consists of a Passiflora-incarnata-based sedative. It also acts on stress and this basic treatment may be used in combination with other homoeopathic remedies.

Treatment of insomnia in adults

The recommended treatments for disorders caused by strong emotions are: Gelsemium sempervirens 9 CH (great sorrow), Aconitum napellus 9 CH (fear of death) and Ambra grisea 9 CH (a patient constantly awakened by minor concerns). To help persons that are often prone to nightmares recover a good sleep, it is advisable to give them a dose of Stramonium 15 CH.

A dose of Lycopodium 9 CH before bedtime helps to soothe stomach pain that occurs during the night. If a person has a very restless sleep, her or she may take Causticum before sleeping. In case of burnout, caused by work for example, the recommended remedy is Kalium phosphoricum 9 CH.

Treatment of insomnia in children

In regard to a baby that easily wakes up at night because of small noises, the administration of 3 granules of Sulphur 7 CH is recommended. If the child has nightmares, give him or her a dose of Stramonium 7 CH just before bedtime. If he or she suffers from restless nights and cries, he or she will need to take 3 granules of Jalapa 7 CH before sleep. If the baby needs to be rocked to sleep, three granules of Chamomilla vulgaris 7 CH should be prescribed. In regard to infants who have difficulties falling asleep, you can alternate between two remedies (1 per day): Chamomilla vulgaris 7 CH and Cypripedium Pubescens 7 CH.

When should you consult a doctor?

Once you notice that a healthy and proper diet does not prevent your child’s sleep disorders from occurring, it is then necessary to seek medical attention. Moreover, if the patient is an adult and if the above-cited homoeopathic remedies do not produce the desired effects or, on the other hand, worsen the patient’s condition, it becomes essential to consult a doctor. If symptoms are also accompanied by behavioural disorders, it is best to seek a doctor’s advice. Similarly, if insomnia lasts for more than three weeks, the doctor should be notified as well.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “insomnia”

Associated treatments

•    Aconitum Napellus
•    Actaea Racemosa
•    Ambra Grisea
•    Argentum Nitricum
•    Arnica Montana
•    China Rubra
•    Cina
•    Cocculus Indicus
•    Coffea Cruda
•    Gelsemium Sempervirens
•    Hyoscyamus Niger
•    Ignatia Amara
•    Kalium Bromatum
•    Kalium Phosphoricum
•    Lachesis Mutus
•    Medorrhinum
•    Natrum Muriaticum
•    Nux Vomica
•    Opium
•    Passiflora Incarnata
•    Silicea
•    Tarentula Hispana
•    Valeriana Officinalis
•    Zincum Metallicum

Associated pathologies

•    Angst
•    Anxiety
•    Night terror

Good to know: Homoeopathy is an effective therapeutic method against insomnia. Generally available in the form of infusions to be taken around bedtime, the remedies’ composition is based on natural products and, unlike sleeping and tranquillizing drugs, homoeopathy does not generate any form of dependence of feeling of drowsiness during the day.

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