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Improving memory skills with homoeopathy

Memory is the ability to store, retain and recall information. Increasingly common, memory problems may be due to ageing or various pathologies.

Overview of the pathology

Memory impairment is a disorder that mainly affects the brain. Several factors including age may be the cause of this pathology, knowing that over 70% of the population over the age of 70 is affected by memory loss. These pathological conditions may also be caused by chronic alcoholism, epilepsy or loss of consciousness. Finally, be aware that the use of certain medications, such as tricyclic antidepressants, benzodiazepines or neuroleptics can also lead to memory problems.


Memory problems can be considered mild when the affected subject forgets small details such as the location of his or her keys, an appointment, or fails to find the appropriate word during a discussion. Among chronic alcoholics, anterograde amnesia may also occur. This disorder’s symptoms include forgetting recent events, as opposed to old memories that the patient is able to easily recall. On the other hand, the memory problems may correspond to retrograde amnesia, a condition that causes the patient to forget older memories. Finally, lacunar amnesia is memory loss about one specific event. It occurs in patients who have had seizures or losses of consciousness.

Alleviating memory disorders

To improve memory skills, homoeopaths use natural mineral-based products, such as phosphoric acid, zinc or potassium. Regarding the elderly and subjects that suffer from memory problems, it is recommended to administer them Phosphoricum acidum 9 CH, three granules of which need to be taken in the morning, noon and evening. If the patient wishes to improve his or her memory skills takes a long time to assimilate information or has impaired consciousness accompanied by shakes of the lower limbs, he or she should opt for Zinc metallicum 7 CH or 9 CH, of which 3 granules need to be taken twice a day. To improve the memory skills of patients who have difficulty remembering the names of places or streets, it is advised to administer them 3 granules of Baryta Carbonica three times a day. Mental fatigue can also lead to memory loss, in which case one should resort to Kalium Phosphoricum 7 CH, opting for a daily 6-granule dose, to be taken in two intakes.

When should you consult a doctor?

Medical consultation is essential in case of severe disorders, as this could indicate the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease. Common signs of these disorders are numerous and include forgetting the names of close family members, asking the same question several times and forgetting, within 2 minutes, information they may just have received.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “memory”

Associated treatments

•    Anacardium Orientale
•    Kalium Bromatum
•    Plumbum Metallicum
•    Selenium Metallicum
•    Silicea
•    Zincum Metallicum

Associated pathologies

•    Asthenia
•    Overwork

Good to know: Patients who become confused during conversations can improve their memory skills by taking 3 granules of Lycopodium 9 CH three times a day.

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