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Relieving meningism with homoeopathy

Meningism is caused by an inflammation of the meninges, most often at the arachnoid or the dura mater. This inflammation is caused by a bacterial or viral infection or by subarachnoid hemorrhages.


Meningism is characterized by three main symptoms, namely neck stiffness, headaches and jet-like vomiting. This is refers to vomiting that is not preceded and that occurs without any effort. The headaches are particularly intense and pulsating (or throbbing), in addition to which they are exacerbated by light (hence photophobia), noise, but also by head movements. In infants and children, meningism is more difficult to detect and mainly manifests itself by hypotonia, unusual drowsiness and constipation. In the most severe cases, an inflammation of the meninges can cause a loss of consciousness in adults (confusion, obtundation …) and seizures in children and infants.

Treatment of headaches

Belladonna may be administered to relieve throbbing headaches. You should take 5 granules of 5-CH dilution every hour until the pain disappears. Granules of Gelsenium sempervirens 15 CH have also proven their effectiveness and it is advisable to take some every two hours.

Treatment of neurological disorders

Problems that are linked to intracranial hypertension, such as neck stiffness, headaches and neurological hypersensitivity can be treated with Solanum nigrum 4 to 9 CH.


In case of photophobia, Gelsenium sempervirens is strongly indicated. It comes in the form of drinkable vials, drops, powder to dilute or mother tincture. Given that this substance may be toxic if it is not properly diluted, taking 15-CH granules is the recommended alternative. Just let them dissolve under the tongue. You must start out with 5 granules (to be taken every 2 hours), before gradually decreasing the doses, until the symptoms’ disappearance.

When should you consult a doctor?

From the onset of this disease’s characteristic symptoms (unusual and intense headaches, vomiting, pain or stiffness felt when bending of the neck), it is recommended to consult a health professional. Only a doctor will be able to determine the cause and treatment of meningism. Furthermore, medical consultation is strongly recommended for babies and children. Indeed, in case of untreated meningitis, the damage can be irreversible.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “meningism”

Associated treatments

  • Apis Mellifica
  • Bryonia Alba

Associated pathologies

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting

Good to know: Traditional analgesics only have a limited effect on intense headaches which is why, in such cases, homoeopathy proves to be a solution of choice to relieve the patient. Furthermore, given that homoeopathy stimulates the patient’s immune system, it is very well-suited for the treatment of meningism.

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