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Nail diseases

Treating nail diseases with homoeopathy

Onychosis refers to all diseases that affect the nails. These diseases are very difficult to treat because the hands and feet are often exposed to various external factors that are not always conducive to healing. However, this type of disease can become very hindering if not treated quickly enough.


Onychomycosis is a nail infection caused by dermatophytes. They are microscopic fungi that mainly feed on the keratin present in the nails. Their development is favoured by wearing closed shoes. Nails that are affected by this condition become thick and rough and take on an unusual colour. Without specific treatment, these nails may fall off.

Apart from onychomycosis, other relatively severe nail diseases may even paralyse the patient. Onychoptosis is one of these diseases and results in the loosening and falling off of the fingernails. We can also mention onychia which is an inflammation of the nail’s inner layer, onycholysis which is of a loosening of the exposed portion of the nail from the nail bed, onychogryposis which is an abnormal increase in the nail’s volume , onychoschizia which is a splitting of the nails in layers or, last but not least, onychoatrophy which results in a reduction of the nail’s size and thickness.

Homoeopathic remedies for treating nail diseases

There are several types of homoeopathic remedies that can be used to treat nail diseases. In most cases, these remedies come in the form of natural ingredients and essential oils that not only effectively remove the germs responsible for the disease, but also stimulate the body’s production of antibodies to fight the illness. In all cases, it is always indicated to consult a doctor, as he or she will be able to prescribe the most appropriate treatment. In the case of onychomycosis, treatment may be Antimonium crudum-based or Graphites-based. The product Nail Infection is also very effective in the treatment of this disease, requiring three daily applications until the symptoms’ total dissaperance and the nails’ complete regrowth.

Additional precautions

In addition to the application of homoeopathic remedies, the patient must adhere to certain conditions in order to speed up his or her recovery. Thus, the patient must always take extra care to thoroughly wash and dry his or her feet. It is also preferable to keep the feet in contact with the air as much as possible the feet, by wearing sandals for example. However, in case it becomes necessary to wear closed shoes, it is recommended to only put on cotton socks. Finally, it is also advisable to always keep one’s nails trimmed and to apply anti-fungal products on the feet.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “nail diseases”

Associated treatments

•    Arnica Montana
•    Hypericum Perforatum
•    Thuya Occidentalis

Good to know: The advantage of a resorting to homoeopathy to treat nail infections lies in the fact that its remedies are entirely made from natural components. Furthermore, these remedies have also proven their effectiveness when applied locally.

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