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Solar erythema

Alleviating solar erythema with homoeopathy

Solar erythema or sunburn is a condition that results from prolonged exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet rays are the cause of visible burns on the skin. Sunburn appears 2 to 24 hours after exposure to the sun, and comes in the form of redness that is sensitive to the touch and friction. In addition to the painful sensation, sunburn creates a permanent discomfort and sometimes leads to feelings of dizziness. These inconveniences can be alleviated by homoeopathy. Non-aggressive and natural, homoeopathic treatments can be used as a substitute to allopathic treatments to treat solar erythema.

Symptoms of solar erythema

Appearance of redness on the skin is the main symptom of sunburn. Its intensity depends on the importance of the skin burn. Redness is not very pronounced in case of superficial burns. However, the erythema can take on a deep red or purple colour if the deep dermis is affected.

If the symptoms of redness are accompanied by pain, the patient suffers from second degree burns, if not worse. This pain is felt when the burnt area is in contact with a hand or clothes that may cause friction.

Third degree burns can result in an inflammatory syndrome. In this case, bullous lesions will appear. These blisters are caused by an extravasation of blood fluids at the surface of the skin. After 3-4 days, the bullous lesions dry up and are replaced by dead cells. These dead cells then fall off and the skin surface takes on a depigmented appearance.

The most advanced stage of the erythema comes in the form of a general feeling of faintness. The skin is red and blistered, and looks as though it was burned by fire. This is what is commonly referred to as a fourth degree burn.

Treating pain and redness

It is advised to take Apis mellifica as a first-line treatment to reduce redness. The recommended dilution is 9 CH and the indicated dosage is 3 to 5 granules, which need to be taken 3 times a day. If redness is accompanied by throbbing pain and sensation of heat, Belladonna 5 CH should also be administered in addition to Apis mellifica.

Treating inflammations

To treat bullous lesions that are caused by third degree burns, a daily intake of 3 to 5 granules of Cantharis 5 CH is recommended. This homoeopathic remedy is also indicated if a portion of the skin is torn.

Treating discomfort caused by solar erythema

To alleviate the discomfort felt by victims of major sunburns, it is recommended to resort to Glonoinum 5 CH. The suitable dosage is 3 to 5 granules, to be taken three times a day. This remedy is especially recommended if the person’s face is hot and red.

Preventing solar erythema

Homoeopathy can help protect people with sensitive skin from sunburns. For this, it is advisable to take Natrium muriaticum 9 CH 15 days before exposure to the sun. The effective dose is 3 granules, to be taken 3 times a day.

When should you consult a doctor?

When the skin of a sunburned person is covered in blisters, it is necessary to seek medical attention. In addition, hospitalization is required if the subject suffers from headaches and nausea accompanied by dizziness.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “solar erythema”

Associated treatments

•    Aconitum Napellus
•    Apis Mellifica
•    Belladonna

Associated pathologies

•    Burns
•    Headaches
•    Fever
•    Sunstroke
•    Benign summer lucitis

Good to know: In severe cases, solar erythema can be subjected to complications and result in skin cancer. For this reason, preventive treatment of solar erythema remains primordial. The affection may be avoided by taking Natrium muriaticum.

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