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Curing thrombosis with homoeopathy

Caused by abnormal blood flow, thrombosis is a pathology that can affect both the veins and arteries. Nonetheless, the most frequently encountered disease is venous thrombosis, a pathology characterized by painful sensations, a hot skin, redness and swelling of the affected area where blood circulation is abnormal. Sometimes a tingling sensation may be felt in the limb affected by thrombosis. Although many ant-inflammatory drugs can relieve the symptoms of thrombosis, homoeopathy proves to be a treatment of choice. Indeed, many homoeopathic remedies can alleviate the inflammation and pain caused by thrombosis.


The patient affected by thrombosis may feel pain below the area where the blood vessel is blocked. In addition, this part of the body may be subjected to a change in colour that can range from red to blue. An inflammatory syndrome is characterized by hot skin and an oedema may also appear. In case of phlebitis in the lower limbs, the patient may feel heaviness in the legs. Tingling sensations may also be felt. In addition, a person suffering from phlebitis is often impatient.

Treatment of pain

Pain that is intensified by heat and heavy legs can both be treated with 5 granules of Hamamelis 3 to 6 CH, to be administered twice a day, in combination with Pulsatilla if possible. If the patient feels heaviness in the legs that is worsened by heat and a standing position, 3 granules of Aesculus hippocastanum of 3 to 6-CH taken 3 times a day will help relieve the patient, and may also be used in combination with Sulphur to optimize the treatment’s effectiveness.

Treatment of inflammatory syndrome

To treat cyanosis of the skin, take 3 granules of Vipera redi 5 CH three to four times a day. When the patient feels like he or she has a bruise that is sensitive to the touch, 4 to 6 daily intakes of Arnica montana are recommended.

Treatment of restlessness

Restlessness manifests itself by a permanent desire to move a limb. As for individuals suffering from phlebitis of the lower limbs, it is advisable to give them Zincum metallicum 4 to 5 CH in order to treat restlessness.

When should you consult a doctor?

It is advisable to consult a doctor if pain in the calf starts to affect an individual suffering from venous insufficiency, an obese subject or a woman at the end of her pregnancy. Furthermore, in case of breathlessness, chest pain or sudden loss of consciousness accompanied by impairment of brain function, the patient must immediately be taken to a health centre.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “thrombosis”

Associated treatments

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Good to know: Thrombosis can affect any individual. However, if it is detected early on, homoeopathic remedies such as Arnica montana or Apis mellifica may be administred to treat the patient and relieve him or her from this condition’s symptoms.

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