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Aloe Socotrina

Treating hemorrhoids and intestinal disorders with Aloe Socotrina

Aloe Socotrinais a homoeopathic remedy of vegetable origin made from Aloe succotrina or Fynbos Aloe, a plant that is particularly valued for its medicinal properties and its great therapeutic effectiveness. Among the hundreds of varieties of aloe around the world, Aloe Socotrina is one of the fifteen species that have medicinal properties. This variety of aloe comes from Socotra, an island in the Indian Ocean near Somalia and Yemen.

Indications in proctology

Due to its therapeutic effectiveness, Aloe Socotrina is a popular drug in proctology. In case of hemorrhoids, the remedy can soothe the painful, burning and itching sensation caused by the disorder, all the fighting off faecal incontinence that results from this condition and which consists of involuntary solid or liquid stools. Aloe Socotrina is also beneficial in case of anal fissure and rectal disorder that can be relieved by the cold. However, the remedy is not recommended if the hemorrhoids lead to blood loss. In that case, it will be appropriate to turn to a health professional in order to obtain a suitable treatment.

Indications in gastroenterology

Aloe Socotrina can also be used to treat severe diarrhoea accompanied by involuntary emissions of gas coming from the intestines. The remedy is especially recommended when diarrhoea occurs or worsens after consuming  alcoholic drinks and out-of-season oysters. Aloe Socotrina is also recommended against gastric and intestinal disorders such as liver pain, flatulence, noisy intestinal gurgling and stomach pains. The medication is particularly recommended for cases when the abdominal pain spreads to the hips and is soothed when the patient bends over.

Recommended dosage in proctology and in gastroenterology

To get rid of haemorrhoids and fight off incontinence problems, it is recommended to take 5 granules of Aloe Socotrina 30 CH per day. When the treatment is taken regularly, an improvement can be seen after just three days. On the other hand, Aloe Socotrina 9 CH is more suitable in case of digestive disorders and for dealing with flatulence problems.

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Good to know: Aloe Socotrina can be used in rheumatology to relieve back pain. It is also used to treat prostate inflammations.


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