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Ambra grisea

Ambra grisea, a useful treatment against behavioural disorders

Ambra grisea, or grey amber is a substance that is widely used to produce homoeopathic remedies. Indeed, even if homoeopathy is generally known for its herbal remedies, Ambra grisea is of animal origin. Generally used to treat behavioural disorder, this remedy can also cure certain physical ailments.

Ambra grisea origins

Grey amber is a totally natural product recovered from the surface of oceans or on beaches. Indeed, it is produced, or rather rejected, by sperm whales after digestion. It is in fact the biliary secretion of their intestines that takes on a solid form after having passed through the sperm whale’s intestinal tract.

Pathologies associated with Ambra grisea

Grey amber is usually prescribed for people with mental and behavioural problems, ranging from compulsive shyness to the most serious mental conditions such as chronic depression. The active ingredient of ambergris can calm a person down, providing a certain degree of tranquillity to the patient. For this reason, Ambra grisea is also used to fight against sleep disorders, overwork, etc. Moreover, grey amber can also help people suffering from sexual problems of psychological nature. It is very useful for example for men who have erectile dysfunction due to a lack of self-confidence or for frigid women.

Recommended dosage

In the case of the most serious diseases, notably for those suffering from depression, the treatment will consist of taking  2 to 3 granules of Ambra grisea 9 CH daily, depending on the severity of the behavioural disorder, during 10 days. In the case of less serious diseases, such as sleep disorder, 3 granules of Ambra grisea 5 CH will be suitable to help the patient to relax and regain a restful sleep. As for the elderly, the dose will be reduced to one pellet per day.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “Ambra grisea”

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Associated pathologies

Good to know: The virtues of Ambra grisea are sometimes surprising. This homoeopathic product is also an excellent solution to stop morning migraines instantly. A dose of Ambra grisea is also effective in case of constipation or muscle cramps.

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