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Amylium Nitrosum

Relieving hot flashes with Amylium Nitrosum

Amylium Nitrosum is a homoeopathic product made ??from the stock of amyl nitrite. This chemical compound is a vasodilator, thus giving the remedy, which is also made up of lactose and sucrose, its specific property. It is mainly available in the form of granules or globules, depending on the laboratory of origin. Other presentations include hydro-alcoholic solutions such as vials, drinkable drops and mother tinctures. The use of this product is not limited to the treatment of gynaecological problems, as it is also indicated for dealing with other diseases.

Main indications in gynaecology

Amylium Nitrosum is specially indicated to relieve many gynaecological disorders and problems. These disorders are due to blood flow problems during menopause, especially at its beginning. Its most common symptoms are a sensation of cold, intense hot flashes, abundant sweating, internal tugging, narrowing of the cervix, yawning, nervousness, high sensitivity and a general feeling of weakness.

Using Amylium Nitrosum is not limited to the treatment of gynaecological disorders related to menopause. Indeed, through its vasodilating effect, Amylium Nitrosum is also recommended for reducing vascular neck and head problems. In that case, know that it can be safely used by a nursing or pregnant woman.

Recommended dosage

If the symptoms requiring treatment are cold sensations and hot flashes, Amylium Nitrosum 5 to 7 CH is recommended. As for the intake, the patient should take five granules of the product, and let them dissolve under the tongue. The intake frequency must be of two to three times a day, depending on the severity of symptoms. For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to take the remedy between meals, to avoid eating products containing mint, and to abstain from stimulants such as coffee and tobacco.

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Good to know: For Amylium Nitrosum to be effective in the treatment of gynaecological problems linked to menopause, it is preferable to engage in light physical exercises.  These exercises must be done outdoor and the patient should drink plenty of water.

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