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Anagallis arvensis

Treating dermatological diseases with Anagallis arvensis

Anagallis arvensis comes from the plant of the same name. Better known as Scarlet pimpernel, this plant of the Myrsine family is fairly common in gardens and meadows and is considered a weed. The resulting homeopathic remedy comes in the form of capsules and is very effective. The whole plant is used for the preparation of this homoeopathic remedy, which is recommended for the treatment of several dermatological conditions such as palmar and digital dyshidrosis.

Treating dermatological diseases with Anagallis arvensis

The remedy Anagallis Arvensis is recommended for the treatment of certain dermatological disorders and when the patient feels very tired after a significant mental effort. Sometimes, patients with syphilis who have epistaxis and suffer from generalized dermatological itching are also treated with Anagallis arvensis. Among other patients that are treated with Anagallis arvensis, some have the sensation that their forehead skin is extremely tightened while others suffer from severe headaches . These headaches can be relieved by drinking coffee.

Other disorders that can be treated with Anagallis arvensis are itching and tickling in the left ear and tingling in the inside the upper area of the nasal cavities. The uses of this remedy also include the treatment of irritated skin that has become rough and dry, especially around the fingers, hands and even the palms.

Anagallis arvensis can also treat anus irritation, chiefly hemorrhoids. In addition, it can help patients who have difficulties urinating (irregular flow of urine discharge). Finally, the remedy can also be helpful to patients suffering from gonorrhoea, with a burning urethra during erection which forces them to stop all sexual intercourse.

Recommended dosage of Anagallis arvensis

In case of eczema characterized by the presence of vesicle clusters on the palms with itching and oozing, one has to take 3 granules of Anagallis arvensis CH 5, 3 times a day.

For itching due to herpes, even in young children, the dosage is 3 capsules of Anagallis arvensis 5 CH, 3 times a day.

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Good to know: Anagallis arvensis is commonly used in dermatology. However, certain skin conditions such as those caused by a hormonal imbalance can be treated with this medicine.

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