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Angustura vera

Relieving back pain and stiffness with Angustura vera

Angustura vera is a homoeopathic remedy derived from plants. Its mother tincture is extracted from Angostura trifoliata, a plant belonging to the Rutaceae family and native to South America. The tree has green palmed leaves and can reach 15 meters high. The homoeopathic remedy is made with bark taken from previously dried stems. The mother tincture is mainly made up of alkaloid and essential oil.


Angustura vera is a homoeopathic remedy that is primarily prescribed in cases of lower back pain. This rheumatic condition is characterized by spinal pain, especially in the lower back. Indeed, Angustura vera is a remedy used to reduce stiffness, muscle spasm, cramps and spasmodic pain. It is also suitable for everything related to back pain and can also be prescribed in case of affections of the lower limbs. The knee is most concerned, especially in case of physical effort after a long period of inactivity. This remedy is also effective against osteoarthritis. This disease mainly affects the most sought-after joints, namely the knee, back and hip. Finally, Angustura vera can also relieve muscle aches that often result from bad posture or a long bike ride, for example. Use of this homoeopathic remedy is particularly recommended for cases in which the symptoms improve when the affected person stretches or is in contact with the cold. On the other hand, pressure on the affected body part and inactivity are aggravating factors.

Dosage recommendations

To relieve lower back pain and alleviate joint stiffness, Angustura vera 5 CH is recommended. In case of aches or cramps that affect the back or knee arthritis, Angustura vera 5 CH is also prescribed. The recommended doses are the same: 3 granules in the morning, noon and evening.

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Good to know: Besides its therapeutic use in rheumatology, Angostura trifoliata also has digestive and anti-microbial properties. Angustura vera is used in gastroenterology for the treatment of digestive disorders and can cure diarrhoea. It can also be an excellent remedy for treating haemorrhoids.

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