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Aralia racemosa

Treating rhinitis with Aralia racemosa

The Aralia racemosa remedy is a root extract of the plant of the same name, commonly known as American spikenard, Life-of-man or Petty morel, and that is usually found in the mountains of North America. This homeopathic remedy is used by herbalists to treat lung, head and neck diseases. To this end, Aralia racemosa is diluted according to the Hab standard. The substances extracted from the plants’ root come from an organicall-grown plant. The mother tincture is included in the composition of different antitussive medications, such as infusions and syrups.

Main indications

Aralia racemosa is recommended for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and delicate cases of rhinitis caused by a cold snap. Moreover, asthma-like symptoms that occur when the patient is lying down can be treated with a homeopathic remedy. Aralia racemosa treats coughs that usually appears at bedtime and helps to improve the condition of patients suffering from hay fever and frequent sneezing. A dry cough that occurs after the first stage of sleep, around midnight, can also be treated with this homeopathic remedy. The same applies in case the patient feels pain in the back of the throat or sweats while sleeping.

Recommended dosage

Aralia Racemosa is prescribed in dilution of 9 CH to help patients subjected to feelings of suffocation. Indeed, the therapeutic action attributed to Aralia racemosa is mainly the clearing of the respiratory tract. The remedy is also used as treatment in case of allergy that affects the nose and the respiratory organs, inlcluding the lungs. However, it is best to avoid self-medication and to consult a doctor for best results. As part of an asthma treatment, Aralia racemosa should be administered every two minutes, with 3 granules per dose, to alleviate the attack. If the asthma attack is generated by a nasopharyngitis or allergic rhinitis, and if suffocation worsens when lying down, the indicated dilution is 9 CH. For ENT diseases, Aralia Racemosa 3 to 15 CH is the most suitable choice if the patient suffers from viral rhinitis. The medication is also recommended if coughing intensifies after sleeping or in case of nasopharyngitis. A child who coughs during the night should be treated with 3 granules of Aralia racemosa 7 CH, to be taken 2 to 4 times per day.

Treatments and pathologies related to “Aralia racemosa”

Associated diseases

Good to know: Being a remedy against allergic rhinitis, usual forms of asthma and cough, Aralia racemosa should not be used as an antihistamine.


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