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Argentum Metallicum

Treating laryngitis or vaginitis with Argentum Metallicum

The secret of Argentum Metallicum’s effectiveness lies its main stock, which is silver. This metal does not dissolve in alcohol and has no reaction to contact with water. Obtained by resorting to a specific process to dilute the metal before combining it with other substances, Argentum Metallicum is an effective treatment against bacteria.

ENT bacterial inflammation

Argentum Metallicum is mainly indicated in case of acute laryngitis. This infection, which affects the vocal cords, causes speaking difficulties or results in the patient’s inability to emit sounds. It is an impeding condition for people who use their voice for professional purposes, such as speakers and singers. The remedy is also used to treat many related symptoms such as a sore throat, painful sensations in the larynx, hoarse voice and a constant difficulty to talk or cough. The remedy is also effective for dealing with obstructed nostrils or, on the contrary, heavy nasal discharge. It also helps to eliminate the tickling sensation in the nose. Finally, Argentum Metallicum can also be used on by a patient complaining of unbearable itching in the inner ear or a congested right ear.

Indications in gynaecology

Argentum Metallicum is also used in gynaecology, particularly to treat vaginitis, an inflammation of the vagina usually resulting from an infection. The symptoms may vary, but common symptoms include itching, burning and grey vaginal discharge that can disappear as the treatment is carried on. In other patients, vaginal discharges are of brown or greenish colour as well as being foul-smelling. This remedy also helps to treat reduced sexual drive and the frigidness that can result from it. Argentum Metallicum is also ideal for relieving feelings of pressure around the vulva as well as back pain. In the case of a slightly advanced stage of the disease, it can also be used to treat a superficial lesion of the cervix.

Recommended dosage in case of laryngitis

In general, the doctor or homoeopath will choose the most appropriate dosage for the patient depending on the pathology, the severity of symptoms and the individual’s general condition. These parameters will also be considered when determining the treatment’s ideal duration. It should also be noted that the remedy must absolutely be taken outside of meals and is incompatible with coffee, tobacco and mint.

Thus, a simple laryngitis can normally be treated by taking 5 granules of Argentum Metallicum 5 CH in the morning and 5 in the evening. The treatment must be taken without interruption for 3 months. A more acute form of laryngitis, which leads to a feeling of obstruction in the throat requires treatment with a diluted remedy of higher concentration. In this case we suggest taking 5 granules of Argentum Metallicum 7 CH in the morning and 5 more in the evening for a period of 3 months.

In case of vaginitis, the treatment is the same as for laryngitis: 5 granules of Argentum Metallicum 5 CH in the morning and 5 granules in the evening. The treatment must be taken for a month. If after this period, no improvement is apparent, the patient must consult a gynaecologist as soon as possible.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “Argentum metallicum “

Good to know: Besides its therapeutic properties in gynaecology and for the treatment of ENT diseases, Argentum Metallicum is also effective in the treatment of other pathologies. It allows one to treat many neuropsychiatric disorders such as memory loss, headaches or nervous breakdowns.

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