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Arnica Montana

Treating trauma with Arnica Montana

To be used in complement to other types of therapy, homoeopathy mostly relies on the properties of certain plants’ active ingredients, such as Arnica Montana. In small amounts, the substance derived from Arnica Montana can cure many diseases. The remedy is available in the form of granules, phials, drops and globules. To be made available in phials and droppers, the mother tincture is diluted in water and alcohol. A certain amount of sucrose and lactose is added to the products in granule and globule form. Arnica Montana reduces pain caused by insect bites and, thanks to its immunological properties, it is also a remedy for certain debilitating infectious states and diseases resulting from the skin’s fragility.

A plant of multiple properties

Arnica Montana is a homoeopathic remedy derived from the plant of the same name, also known as leopard’s bane, wolf’s bane, mountain tobacco and mountain arnica. This plant of multiple properties generally grows in the mountains and requires an acidic soil deprived of trace elements. Belonging to the Asteraceae family, it has a very characteristic smell and is distinguished by its yellow flowers that bloom between May and August. Known since Antiquity, it is one of the most commonly used plants in homoeopathy. The mother tincture used in the preparation of the homeopathic product is extracted from the entire plant. Quite toxic, Arnica Montana is used in medicine to treat heart and lung disorders.

Arnica Montana in phlebology, cardiology and ophthalmology

Given that it stimulates healing, Arnica Montana is also indicated for treating some cases of phlebology and bleeding. Thus, many practitioners prescribe Arnica Montana for post-operative care, to relieve chest pain or to heal angina. This substance acts on the majority of cardiovascular disorders that result from overwork. However, a medical consultation is recommended before starting a homeopathic treatment. In ophthalmology, Arnica Montana is only indicated for cases of retinopathy and muscle degeneration due to ageing.

Dosage in traumatology

Arnica Montana is one of the most effective remedies for treating various types of trauma. With its specific properties, this remedy can ease pain and reduce bruising. It is prescribed for aches, bruises and muscle pain resulting from intense physical exercise or considerable psychological shock. Arnica Montana 9 CH is indicated for several traumatic disorders, in which case 5 granules must be left to dissolve under the tongue every hour. However, these intakes should be spaced out according to the patient’s state and improving condition. For athletes that will be subject to intense physical efforts and for subjects undergoing surgery, it is recommended to take a globule dose of Arnica Montana 9 CH every day during the 3 days preceding the physical activity. Treatment should be continued by taking 5 granules of 9 CH-dilution every hour during the first half day following surgery. These intakes can be maintained for one week but should be spaced out according to observed improvements in the patient’s state. For pain resulting from a previous trauma, Arnica Montana is recommended in the form of granules at a dilution of 15 CH. The dose is 5 granules, to be taken in the morning and evening, over a 2-month period. During the following two months, two globule doses of 15 CH-dilution should be taken weekly. The last stage of the treatment involves taking a weekly 15 CH-dose over a 2-month period. In case of retinopathy and AMD, the patient should take a weekly dose of Arnica Montana in globules of 9 CH-dilution. Patients wishing to prevent cardiovascular risk should take Arnica Montana 9 CH once a week.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “Arnica montana”

Associated diseases

  • Delivery
  • Acne
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Bruising
  • Physical effort
  • Fatigue
  • Hemorrhage
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Phlebitis
  • Purpura
  • Periphlebitis
  • Retinopathy
  • Pre-and post-operative care
  • Overwork
  • Trauma
  • Varicose veins

Good to know: Arnica Montana is an essential homoeopathic remedy that treats various infections. It is particularly effective in treating trauma.

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