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Arsenicum album

Arsenicum album, a remedy of multiple virtues

Arsenicum Album is produced from arsenious anhydride and comes in the form of a greyish powder that dissolves in water. This product, popular in homoeopathy for its many virtues, is obtained by using very high temperatures to isolate the nickel, cobalt and steel compounds contained in the arsenic. The resulting powder is then diluted in lactose to remove all leftover arsenic residues from the product. Arsenicum album is called polychrest in homoeopathy because it can be used in the treatment of many diseases. Moreover, this product is used in dermatology, neurology, urology and many other fields.

Necrotizing virtues

Arsenicum album is popular for its necrotizing virtues on tissues and this property is used to treat numerous diseases. For example, Arsenicum album is used in dentistry to devitalize teeth. Canker sores,gingivitis and dry mouth can also be treated with this homoeopathic remedy. This necrotizing property is also used to cure digestive and respiratory problems. In addition, blood vessel inflammation and anemia can also be treated with Arsenicum album.

In dermatology Arsenicum album can treat skin rashes caused by burns. Indeed, this is due to its therapeutic effect on the skin and its appendages. It is also effective against dandruff, scalp psoriasis, shingles, herpes, impetigo, dermatitis and other skin conditions.

Relieving organic disorders with Arsenicum album

Arsenicum album is very effective in the homoeopathic treatment of internal organ disorders, especially those affecting the central nervous system. Indeed, Arsenicum album applies an elective action to this organ, which reduces anxiety, pessimism and nocturnal anxiety. Arsenicum album can also treat respiratory diseases like asthma and various lung disorders. As for the digestive system, it reduces pain caused by food poisoning. In case of gastroenteritis, this remedy acts on the micro-organisms responsible for the intestine and abdominal inflammation.

Indications for acute diseases

Arsenicum album is also recommended for the treatment of disorders like acute cystitis. The remedy facilitates urination, thanks to its necrotizing action on the cells responsible for this disease. Uterus infections and vaginitis can also be treated with Arsenicum album. However, treatment must be combined with an antibiotic in order to completely eradicate the virus.

Arsenicum album can also be used as a complement to a primary homoeopathic or allopathic treatment. It can thereby be used to treat the secondary symptoms that can are generated by a disease. For example, it can heal extreme weakness and burning sensations. This medication is also suitable in case the patient suffers from excessive perspiration that alternate with sensations of constantly thirst. Finally, anxiety can also be alleviated with Arsenicum album.

Dosage recommendations

Arsenicum album should always be taken under medical prescription. Therefore, only the homoeopath has the ability to determine the adequate dosage, depending on the severity of the pathology. The basic rule pertaining to the administration of this remedy is to take it outside of meals and to avoid stimulants such as coffee, tobacco and mint.

For acute pathologies, it is recommended to take five granules of Arsenicum album 9 CH every four hours. Depending on the patient’s improving condition, the intakes can be spaced out and gradually decreased. To deal with food poisoning, it is advisable to take three granules of Arsenicum album 9 CH every hour until recovery. Moreover, a dose of Arsenicum album 12 CH once every three days over a 3-week period is the recommended dosage against shingles.

Finally, to treat problems linked to emotional instability (excessive anxiety, stress, permanent depression, etc.), it is recommended to take three granules of Arsenicum album 9 CH three times a day to improve the patient’s condition. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the dosage essentially depends on the disease, which is why it is always preferable to obtain advice from a specialist before using Arsenicum album.

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Good to know: Arsenicum album is a multipurpose product that is effective against many conditions, especially mental illnesses. Furthermore, it can be administered without fear of making the patient addicted, as is sometimes the case with the narcotics used in psychiatry.

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