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Arundo Donax

Treating ENT disorders with Arundo Donax

Arundo Donax is made ??from Giant Cane, a plant native to eastern and southern Asia that belongs to the Poaceae family. This tall perennial cane contains indole alkaloids that have a high bufotenine content and are used in the manufacturing process of remedies used to fight off pain. The mother tincture of the homoeopathic remedy is made from the plant’s roots. Arundo Donax is mainly used to treat allergies that manifest themselves by unbearable palate and ear irritation.

Indications for ENT

Arundo Donax is prescribed for treatment of spasmodic coryza or seasonal rhinitis caused by allergies and that result in itching or tingling sensations in the ears and palate. It can also be used as preventive treatment against hay fever and to prevent it from evolving into sinusitis or asthma. Furthermore, this homoeopathic remedy is highly effective against constant sneezing. Arundo donax can also be administered from the beginning of seasons during which allergies tend to appear, that is to say in early spring and/or summer.

Indications in pneumology

Since Arundo donax is a homoeopathic remedy rich in bufotenin, it can also be used to treat inflammations that occur in the respiratory tract. However, it is mainly used to relieve the pain caused by this condition.

Indications in ophthalmology

Arundo Donax effectively treats allergic conjunctivitis that accompanies allergic rhinitis, but also conditions caused by intolerance to pollen, dust or mites. Moreover, the remedy can reduce excessive tearing caused by this disease.

Recommended doses for ENT treatment

In case of severe nose or palate irritation, take 5 granules of Arundo Donax 7 CH, 3 times a day. In case of ear canal itching, the recommended dosage is 5 granules of Arundo Donax 5 CH, to be taken 3 times a day from the onset of the first symptoms. Furthermore, to prevent a recurrent allergy, take 5 granules of Arundo Donax, six months before summer or spring. To treat allergic rhinitis followed by nasal congestion, take five granules of Arundo Donax 7 CH 3 times a day until the symptoms disappear. If they persist despite taking the remedy, a medical consultation is necessary.

Recommended dosage in ophthalmology

To prevent allergic conjunctivitis, take 5 capsules of Arundo Donax 7 CH in the morning and evening outside of meals, three months before summer or spring. And to prevent excessive tearing due to the illness, take 5 capsules of Arundo Donax 7 CH, 3 to 6 times per day depending on its severity.

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Good to know: Arundo Donax is especially beneficial for children. However, it cannot be used as basic treatment and it should replace allopathic medicine.

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