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Asterias Rubens

Treating gynaecological and heart disorders with Asterias Rubens

Asterias Rubens is a homoeopathic remedy of animal origin made from the Common Starfish or Common Sea Star. The entire animal is used to manufacture this remedy.


Asterias Rubens is mainly recommended for the treatment of female disorders that occur before and during menopause. Thereby, it allows for the reduction of hot flashes associated with mammary tension. In regard to this last symptom, the remedy is mostly effective when the chest is hard and swollen and the painful feeling is located on the left side and radiates to the arms and back.


Asterias Rubens can effectively treat certain heart disorders. It is especially recommended for patients suffering from violent palpitations and powerful heartbeats, as well as the feeling that the heart sometimes stops. He or she may also complain of severe pain felt in the pectoral muscles.

Recommended dosage in gynaecology

In case of hot flashes accompanied by breast tenderness, it is advisable to take 5 granules of Asterias Rubens 5 CH as soon as the first symptoms appear. If hot flashes increase in frequency and intensity, the patient must resort to Asterias Rubens 15 CH. If breast tenderness, pain and swelling are mainly localized on the left breast and radiate to the back, it would be more appropriate to opt for 5 granules of Asterias Rubens 9 CH.

Recommended dosage in cardiology

To deal with these palpitations, take 5 granules of Asterias Rubens 5 CH as soon as the symptoms appear. For a preventive treatment aimed at helping the heart recover its normal rate, the recommended dose is 5 capsules of Asterias Rubens 9 CH, to be taken twice a day: once in the morning upon awakening and another at night before bed.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “Asterias rubens”

Associated diseases

  • Hot flashes
  • Cephalalgia
  • Mastodynia

Good to know: Asterias Rubens is particularly recommended when symptoms worsen with cold weather, humidity and when moving, in the evening and at night. An Asterias Rubens-based treatment is also recommended for patients who cannot stand cheese, coffee, meat, hot drinks and alcohol.

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