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Avena sativa

Treating behavioural disorders with Avena sativa

Recommended for the treatment of behavioural disorders, Avena sativa is a homoeopathic remedy with interesting properties. However, before resorting to this remedy, it is best to know the indications regarding its use.

Avena sativa is a homeopathic remedy made ??from oat, which is often used as fodder and grain. According to studies conducted on this plant, it has excellent healing virtues. Indeed, it  stimulates the nervous system, hence its use in the treatment of behavioural disorders. For the manufacturing of Avena sativa, almost all of the plant’s parts are used: grains, straw, as well as the aerial parts. Oat is usually combined with barley and wheat as a homoeopathic remedy.

Indications for behavioural disorder

Avena sativa is mainly prescribed for the treatment of asthenia, especially when it leads to depression. Thus, if a person is subjected to mental fatigue, treatment with Avena sativa is required. Indeed, the remedy stimulates the nervous system.

Additional recommendations

Avena sativa is also used to treat lack or loss of appetite. In fact, following an infectious disease, the patient may have trouble digesting food. In this case, a treatment with Avena sativa allows the patient to regain his or her desire to eat.

Avena sativa is the remedy prescribed for the treatment of constipation and helps prevent colon cancer. Moreover, the remedy has been proven effective in the treatment of diabetes, as it lowers th blood’s  sugar content.

Recommended dosage for the treatment of behavioural disorders

To treat asthenia or weakness, especially when it is accompanied by insomnia and agitation, it is recommended to take 100 drops of Avena sativa 3 DH in the morning. To relieve tiredness during convalescence, take 50 drops of Avena sativa 3 DH 3 times a day.

Recommended dosage for other uses of the remedy

To treat simple anorexia (a temporary loss of appetite of psychological origin) it is advisable to take 20 drops of Avena sativa 2 DH before meals. For the results to be fast and efficient, this remedy can be combined with an equivalent dose of Alfalfa 2 DH.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “Avena sativa”

Associated diseases

Good to know: In almost all cases requiring treatment with Avena  sativa, it is often recommended to combine it with other homeopathic remedies.

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