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Bufo bufo

Preventing and treating lymphangitis with Bufo bufo

Bufo bufo, also known as the common or European toad, is the most widespread amphibian specie in Europe. The homoeopathic remedy of the same name is made from a poisonous fluid produced in glands located on the toad’s back. Actually, the toad’s skin is full of pimples containing a viscous mucous secretion that preserves their skin’s moisture. This mucus is also toxic and is used as a weapon against possible predators.

Infectology information

In homoeopathy, Bufo bufo is a remedy that is primarily prescribed for the treatment of lymphangitis, a disease of infectious origin characterized by an inflammation of the lymphatic vessels. Depending on the case, the germs responsible for this disease can be Staphylococcus or Streptococcus. The disease may manifest itself in several forms. In some cases, it is accompanied by fever and a deep reddening of the skin, due to the swelling of small lymphatic vessels caused by the bacteria. When entire lymphatic vessels are infected, they can cause a general tightening of the skin, resulting in painful sensations. The use of Bufo bufo is an excellent way to remedy this condition.

Bufo bufo can also be used to prevent lymphangitis, notably in case of insect bites, which can be the source of this infectious disease. Thus, in case of inflammation, reddening of the skin and pain near the bitten area, think about taking bufo bufo to reduce the risk of lymphangitis.

Recommended dosage

Bufo bufo is a very effective homoeopathic remedy for lymphangitis. As soon as the first symptoms appear, choose the lower dilutions, Bufo bufo 5 CH to 7 CH, taking 1 or 2 granules at a time. The patient’s condition should improve from the beginning of the treatment. Then, continue with a daily treatment that consists of 3 daily intakes until the symptoms completely disappear. However, it is advisable to remain under the care of a homoeopath to monitor the disease’s evolution. In fact, the appearance of certain signs can require the patient to take additional homeopathic remedies. Otherwise, to prevent lymphangitis after an insect bite, it is advisable to take 5 granules of Bufo bufo 5 CH three to four times a day until the inflammation and redness disappear.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “Bufo bufo”

Associated pathologies

  • Lymphangitis

Good to know: Besides its use for treating infectious diseases, Bufo bufo is a homoeopathic remedy that can cover other areas. Indeed, it is also recommended in the treatment of certain sexual disorders, particularly in cases of uncontrollable sexual arousal. It can also be used for children who suffer from slight mental retardation.

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