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Caladium seguinum

Caladium seguinum, an effective remedy against male impotence

Caladium seguinum is a homoeopathic remedy of vegetable origin that is produced from a tropical plant native to South America, the Dieffenbachia seguine, commonly known as Dumb Cane. This plant belongs to the Araceae family and is very often used as an ornamental plant. Its speckled white leaves, highly valued for decorative purposes, contain a very toxic substance that is very important for the manufacture of homoeopathic remedies.

Treating behavioural disorders

Caladium seguinum is especially recommended in the treatment of sexual disorders of psychic origin. This homoeopathic remedy can be used to treat male impotence problems that are accompanied by sexual excesses or a noticeable increase of desire. Caladium seguinum is also suitable for individuals suffering from nocturnal ejaculation. These sexual and psychosomatic disorders may also manifest themselves through genital pruritus. Taking this homoeopathic remedy should relieve itching genital organs, especially around the scrotum.

Treating genital itching and pruritus

This homoeopathic remedy is also recommended in dermatology in case of intolerance to mosquito or other insects’ bites. The medication should alleviate the itching sensations. In women, Caladium seguinum is also effective for treating genital itching that affects the vulvar and vaginal area. The remedy is also used for young girls who suffer from vulvar pruritus due to the presence of worms in the vagina.

Other diseases

Caladium seguinum can also help overcome drug abuse problems, including tobacco addiction. This homoeopathic remedy should treat withdrawal syndrome, eliminating nausea, pain or diarrhoea that result from tobacco deprivation. Therefore, Caladium seguinum is an ally to patients undergoing detox, especially since it helps reduce the urge to smoke.

Recommended dosage

Caladium seguinum 9 CH is useful to remedy a male impotence problem. The recommended dosage will vary depending on the symptoms’ severity. Thus, in case of complete inability to achieve an erection, take 3 granules in the morning, afternoon and evening. In case of difficulties getting an erection, take the same dose of Caldium seguinum 9 CH three times a day, but only for 20 days per month.

In case of excessive smoking, it is recommended to take 5 granules of Caladium seguinum 9 CH in the morning, afternoon and evening. The remedy should gradually remove the urge to smoke, until it finally results in complete aversion to tobacco. Moreover, Caladium seguinum 5 CH can also be taken when the temptation becomes unbearable.

Regarding dermatological problems or skin conditions, notably in case of hypersensitivity to insect stings, opt for Caladium seguinum 5 CH, of which 5 granules should be taken daily. Note that this dosage may also be administered as a preventive treatment.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “Caladium seguinum”

Associated pathologies

  • Insect bites
  • Pruritus
  • Smoking

Good to know: Caladium seguinum is particularly recommended in case of health disorders caused by heat. Otherwise, it should be noted that this homeopathic remedy can also be used against worm infections.

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