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Calcarea carbonica ostrearum

Calcarea carbonica ostrearum, a cure of many therapeutic virtues

Calcarea carbonica ostrearum is a remedy that is widely used in homoeopathy. It is made from calcium carbonate, which is itself extracted from oyster shells. Being very rich in minerals, this substance has a long-lasting action on the patient’s body. As a result, Calcarea carbonica ostrearum can thoroughly treat various organic and metabolic disorders.

ENT diseases

Calcarea carbonica ostrearum is prescribed in case of cracking sounds in the ears, or when the patient suffers from stinging or throbbing pains. Furthermore, this remedy heals people who suffer from temporary deafness after having plunged their head in water, a case that is often observed after swimming sessions. The treatment is also recommended in case of hearing alteration, but also to patients whose neck and ears are very sensitive to the cold.

Indications in pneumology

A patient suffering from a hindering and irritating cough at night should be treated with Calcarea carbonica ostrearum. The treatment is mandatory when the cough is accompanied by dried sputum in the morning. Intense dyspnea, painless voice hoarseness that worsens in the morning or bloody sputum also require the patient to follow a cure of Calcarea carbonica ostrearum. In addition, this remedy is particularly well-suited to individuals suffering from suffocation, oppression, and burning and irritating sensations in the chest, especially if these symptoms become more intense when going up a flight of stairs and are accompanied by the sudden need to sit at the slightest ascent.

Stomach and abdomen diseases

Calcarea carbonica ostrearum is recommended for patients who have an aversion to cooked food and meat. This aversion is often accompanied by an irresistible urge to swallow indigestible things such as coal, pencils or chalk. This remedy is also indicated for those who suffer from bitter belching and who often feel an urge to vomit and for those who gradually lose their appetite due to a burnout. In addition to these symptoms, Calcarea carbonica ostrearum also allows you to treat pain that affects the abdominal region, biliary colic, shakes in the stomach and distension with a hard belly.


Calcarea carbonica ostrearum is mainly recommended in case of abundant and dark-coloured urine that is accompanied by whitish and bloody sediments, irritable bladder or enuresis. Concerning the male reproductive system, this remedy is recommended when miction becomes frequent and painful, when the patient has an increased sexual desire, when he becomes irritable and feels weak after sexual intercourse or if he suffers from premature ejaculation.

Growth disorders

Very often, growth disorders that can be cured with Calcarea carbonica ostrearum manifest themselves by the patient’s tendency to slack and fatten up. In addition, children affected by those problems will have fragile bones caused by a lack of calcium and can constantly be tired or move very slowly.

Degenerative diseases

Calcarea carbonica ostrearum should be administered to heavy-set adults, that are imposing but flabby. Often the patient is capable of walking long distances, even when bearing heavy loads. In terms of physical appearance, a patient suffering from a degenerative disease will have a tendency to be obese and may sometimes experience scalp-related problems.

Metabolism and nutrition disorders

Calcarea carbonica ostrearum is useful to treat people suffering from substantial weight loss, even more if the phenomenon continues despite a normal and balanced diet. Physically, this kind of patient is often very lean, but has a large belly and head.


A treatment with Calcarea carbonica ostrearum is recommended in case the patient suffers from severe itching, boils or warts. In this last case, the warts can be spread out, resistant, or even persistent despite the administration of conventional medicines.

Recommended dosage in case of ENT disorders

In case of ENT disorders, it is recommended to take Calcarea carbonica ostrearum 15 CH. The intake may be repeated until the patient’s condition improves.

Recommended dosage in pneumology

Lung diseases can be treated by taking a weekly dose of Calcarea carbonica ostrearum 15 CH during 3 months. If the symptoms do not disappear after the cure, it is advised to increase the dose.

Recommended dosage in case of gastrointestinal diseases

Gastroenterological diseases can be cured with Calcarea carbonica ostrearum 9 CH. The remedy may be taken as many times as necessary until the patient recovers.

Recommended dosage in urology

Patients suffering from enuresis can resort to Calcarea carbonica ostrearum 30 CH, to be used in combination with with Tuberculin 1 m. For other diseases, it is better to take Calcarea carbonica ostrearum 15 CH. At the beginning of the treatment, the intakes can be consumed at rather short intervals. Gradually, as the patient’s condition improves, it is possible to space them out.

Recommended dosage in case of growth disorders

To treat growth disorders in children, it is necessary to administer them 3 granules of Calcarea carbonica ostrearum 9 CH three times a day. For the treatment to be effective, it should be administered 20 days per month over a 6-month period.

Recommended dosage in case of degenerative diseases

Degenerative diseases can be treated by taking one weekly dose of Calcarea carbonica ostrearum 15 CH. Treatment should last for 3 months and may be renewed as needed.

Recommended dosage in case of metabolism and nutritional disorders

Metabolism and nutritional disorders can be treated with a weekly dose of Calcarea carbonica ostrearum 15 CH, to be taken during 3 months.

Recommended dosage in case of dermatological disorders

To effectively treat dermatological disorders, it is recommended to take Calcarea carbonica ostrearum 15 CH at regular intervals. Once the itching sensations starts to disappear, the intakes can be spaced out.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “Calcarea carbonica ostrearum “

Associated diseases

  • Angina
  • Arthrosis
  • Asthma
  • Bronchiolitis
  • Bronchitis
  • Dyspepsia
  • Eczema
  • diaper rash
  • Hypertension
  • Lithiasis
  • Otitis media
  • Nasopharyngitis
  • Overweight
  • Wart

Good to know: Calcarea carbonica ostrearum is particularly effective as a preventive treatment. Nevertheless, its use must be regulated, especially regarding older people who should not consume it too frequently.

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