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Calcarea sulfurica

Treating inflammatory pathologies and suppurations with Calcarea sulfurica

Calcarea sulfurica is a homoeopathic remedy made from calcium sulphate. It is included in the list of the 12 biochemic cell salts drawn up by Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler or Schuessler, a German doctor who had examined Hahnemann’s works. According to Dr. Schuessler, a deficit in one or more of these 12 elements would result in a disease that could be treated by taking these same components in infinitesimal quantities. Calcium is best known for its role in the development and strengthening of bones and teeth. Its use is also indicated in several medical fields.

Indications in dermatology

Calcarea sulfurica is a homoeopathic remedy that is suitable for the treatment of many skin conditions. It is especially recommended in case of pustule or boil formation occurring after an inflammation of hair follicles caused by Staphylococcus aureus. This remedy is also effective for having a natural healthy glow. In fact, it allows the patient to have healthy skin by treating eczema, impetigo, acne, beard pustules or herpes eruptions. Calcarea sulfurica also allows you to heal festering wounds by speeding up the healing process. In addition, it is recommended to use this remedy in association with Hepar Sulfur for all cases of festering and oozing dermatosis. To recognize the warning signs, know that the symptoms worsen with the cold and are alleviated by heat and fresh air. Furthermore, a yellowish suppuration, which is sometimes blood-stained, may be observed as well.

Indications in ophthalmology

This remedy’s scope of action also covers ophthalmology. Calcarea sulfurica is especially recommended in case of purulent conjunctivitis. Indeed, thanks to homoeopathy, one can avoid taking the antibiotics that are often prescribed in conventional treatment. In fact, a conjunctivitis that is accompanied by pus secretions is usually the sign of an infection by pathogenic bacteria. Calcarea sulfurica can stop their proliferation while treating the inflammation. Otherwise, this homeopathic remedy can also treat keratitis, an inflammatory and ulcerous condition that affects the cornea.

Information in ENT

Being a well-suited remedy for all forms of chronic and yellowish secretions, Calcarea sulfurica is also recommended in case of nose or bronchi catarrh. The remedy also treats purulent rhinitis or rhinotracheitis accompanied by bronchitis or sinusitis.

Dental health

This homoeopathic remedy is suitable for many cases of purulent inflammation. Therefore, Calcarea sulfurica may be used in case of gingivitis or gum inflammation accompanied by pus secretions, as is the case of dental pyorrhea. Some physicians recommend taking this remedy to treat tooth decay. Finally, Calcarea sulfurica is also used to treat dental abscesses by speeding up the healing process while reducing the painful and burning sensation affecting the gums.


Calcarea sulfurica may also be used as adjuvant treatment in case of inflammation of the appendix or appendicitis. It also treats abscess problems occurring around the anus.

Recommended dosage in case of skin disorders

To fight against the formation of pustules, it is often recommended to resort to low 4 or 5 CH dilutions of Calcarea sulfurica, of which 5 granules must be taken every morning, afternoon and evening. It is recommended to follow the treatment before the pustules reach a chronic stage. In case of festering skin disorders, it is often recommended to combine Calcarea sulfurica to other homoeopathic remedies, such as Hepar sulphur or Baryta carbonica.  Low dilutions of Calcarea sulfurica speed up the pus accumulation process, whereas high dilutions prevent its formation.

Prescribed dosage in stomatology

In case of dental abscess, it is recommended to take 5 granules of Calcarea sulfurica 5 CH, two to three times a day, in combination with Belladona or Hepar sulphur, and by alternating the different remedies. If the symptoms persist, a medical consultation is required.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “Calcarea sulfurica”

Associated diseases

  • Abscess
  • Acne
  • Blepharoconjunctivitis
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Dacryocystitis
  • Dentoalveolar periodontitis

Important information Gynaecological and urinary tract disorders can also be treated with Calcarea sulfurica. Furthermore, this homoeopathic remedy helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and can also be used in case of cystitis or urethritis.

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