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Tabacum, a natural and effective antiemetic

Tabacum is a homoeopathic remedy extracted from the tobacco plant (Nicotina tabacum), which belongs to the Solanaceae family. The fresh leaves of tobacco are harvested before they flower, and are then subjected to dilution and potentisation processes. Thanks to its antiemetics virtues, Tabacum is recommended in the prevention of nausea caused by pregnancy or by various means of locomotion. Apart from this main indication, this homeopathic medicine is effective for treating some behavioural disorders.

Pregnancy and motion sickness

Tabacum is used to relieve gynaecological disorders in pregnant women, especially nausea, dizziness, fainting and excessive salivation. Similarly, this remedy is recommended to patients who suffer from motion sickness, and of which the main symptoms are nausea, vomiting, a pale face, dizziness and cold sweats. These symptoms are relieved by fresh air or by removing tight clothing.

Behavioural disorders

Some behavioural disorders, mainly anxiety and difficulties staying focused, can be treated with Tabacum. In addition, this remedy is well-suited for people who have low spirits and who are irritable. Insomnia accompanied by anxious dreams can also be treated this way. Some types of delirium, including delirium tremens which occurs among chronic alcoholics when they try to stop drinking, are also appeased by taking this homoeopathic remedy.

Giving up smoking

Tabacum can help smokers succeed in ending their tobacco dependence. Indeed, this remedy works by decreasing the smokers’ pharmacological and psychological addiction to cigarettes. In fact, Tabacum potentiates the effect of nicotine in the blood while favouring this substance’s elimination through the blood.

Other indications

Tabacum can alleviate some heart pain such as chest angina. Digestive problems such as diarrhoea and cholera can also be treated with this remedy. In addition, Tabacum can also reduce fever and cold sweats that occur on the face and hands.

Recommended dosage in case of nausea

Nausea caused by pregnancy is relieved by taking 2 granules of Tabacum 5 CH three times a day. In case of nausea caused by motion sickness, the recommended Tabacum dilution is 7 CH. The patient must take 1 to 3 granules a day before departure, a granule just before the trip and another dose if symptoms appear during the journey.

Recommended dosage in case of behavioural disorders

In case of psychic disorders , the advice of a homoeopath is essential, given that the patient often needs an in-depth treatment. The homoeopath will determine the appropriate dilution and dosage based on each patient’s different symptoms.

Recommended dosage to stop smoking

To stop a tocacco dependence, it is recommended to take 3 granules of Tabacum 7 CH combined with 5 granules of Aanacardium orientalis 9 CH every morning and evening. An alternative for those who want to quit smoking gently is 3 granules of Tabacum 5 CH in the evening before going to bed. The granules must be must be left to dissolve to increase the effectiveness of the remedy. In addition, other homeopathic medicines like Caladium 5CH, Plantago D1 and Phytolacca D1 can be combined with this treatment.

Recommended dosage in case of other diseases

Tabacum 5CH is recommended for relieving pain caused by chest anginas. As soon as the attack occurs, the patient should take 3 granules of this remedy. Nevertheless, if the patient’s condition doesn’t improve, it is preferable to treat them with nitroglycerin derivatives. On the other hand, concerning digestive disorders, the Tabacum dosage should be determined by a specialized doctor.

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Good to knowTabacum acts as an antiemetic, but it is also used as an analgesic to treat certain heart conditions. This homoeopathic medicine also stimulates the brain and is recommended for reducing anxiety and to improve concentration.

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