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Tarentula cubensis

Treating paronychia with Tarentula cubensis

The stock of Tarentula cubensis is of animal origin. This homeopathic medicine comes from the Cuban tarantula, a hairy spider belonging to the Lycosides family. Tarentula cubensis allows you to treat many infectious diseases.

Various infections treated by Tarentula cubensis

Tarentula cubensis can treat anthrax, which is a infectious disease that affects the cellular tissue under skin. It is manifested by boils, caused by Staphylococcus aureus, which gather at the base of each hair. Before the emergence of large pus-filled pimples, the skin becomes red, hot and painful. In case of anthrax, boils will appear on the patient’s buttocks, back and back of the neck. Tarentula cubensis is useful in that situation because it helps to treat infections and completes the action of antibiotics. It can treat anthrax if is diagnosed on time, before the infection evolves in to a septicaemia.

Tarentula cubensis is also recommended for treating paronychia, a bacterial infection localized on the fingers and sometimes on the toes. Paronychia usually occurs after an infected wound. Therefore, it is often confused with abscesses. The infected area swells, becomes red and painful and the patient has a high fever. Over time, necrosis appears at the infected area.

Recommended dosage

In case of anthrax, take 5 granules of Tarentula cubensis 9 CH in the evening. To relieve pain in cases of paronychia or abscess problem, take 5 granules of Tarantula cubensis 5 CH  three times a day. Three granules of Tarentula cubensis 30 CH can also be taken in the morning, afternoon and evening. However, the treatment must not exceed one week. After this period, consult a doctor.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “Tarentula cubensis”

Associated diseases

  • Boil
  • Paronychia
  • Insect bites

Good to know: In addition to its properties in infectiology, Tarentula cubensis is also effective dealing with for urinary incontinence.  But when purchased at the pharmacy, check the label on the bottle to make sure you don’t confuse it with the remedy Tarantula Hispanics, which is recommended in the case of hysteria.

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