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Tellurium metallicum

Treating ENT, dermatological and rheumatological disorders with Tellurium metallicum

Tellurium metallicum is made from tellurium, a white-coloured chemical substance, slightly tending towards silver. Its symbol is Te and its atomic number is 52. It presents the properties of metal, while having non-metallic characteristics, and can be used to be overcome insect, fungi and microbial germs. In fact, it is a very toxic and dangerous substance. Even in small doses, inhalation of tellurium is harmful to the body. This substance acts directly on the brain, resulting in migraines and a state of drowsiness. It also affects the breath and the body, which take on a garlic smell.

Indications in otolaryngology

Tellurium metallicum is a very effective homoeopathic remedy for dealing with chronic otitis, manifested by the flow of serous fluid containing pus from the ear and causing severe blistering on the ear’s outer part. These eruptions are painful, itchy, produce a burning feeling and can sometimes be bloody. The first symptom is an inflammation of the ear’s mucous membranes, resulting in a particularly substantial suppuration of which the odour resembles that of rotten fish. The remedy is also recommended in case of inflammation of the nose’s mucous membranes, hoarseness and tearing for the simple reason that it can be used to overcome nasal congestion. Finally, this homoeopathic remedy can also be used in case of dry and painful throats and if the patient has difficulties swallowing. Moreover, it is appropriate for patients who have bad breath and a white tongue.

Indications in rheumatology

Tellurium metallicum is also a highly recommended remedy to treat certain rheumatic conditions such as lumbar problems for example. Back pain often radiates to the neck and shoulders, which is the reason why a patient may sometimes have a numb neck. Besides, sciatica problems are also among the main ailments that can be relieved with this remedy.

Tellurium metallicum is especially recommended if the symptoms worsen with movement, coughing or laughter, but are relieved by bending the legs. Finally, this homoeopathic remedy is also recommended in case of joint pain. This type of pain is particularly felt on the patient’s right side, and is worsened by walking.

Indications in dermatology

A simple contact with the pirotoxine contained in tellurium can lead to purulent rashes and itching. In homoeopathy, Tellurium metallicum is used to treat a person presenting similar symptoms. This remedy is also recommended in case of herpes, especially when the vesicular eruptions appear on the legs or face. Moreover, the itching is particularly unbearable at night or when the patient is resting. Finally, this homoeopathic remedy is also well-suited to treat other forms of skin rashes and is recommended against eczema patches, notably those located behind the ears and neck.

Recommended dosage in ENT

In case of chronic otitis, we recommend taking 3 granules of Tellurium metallicum 9 CH, in the morning, noon and evening.

Prescribed dosage in rheumatology

For back problems, and particularly in case of sciatica, three granules of Tellurium metallicum 5 CH should be administered three times a day. The remedy is also indicated in case of pain that is worsened by coughing.

Recommended dosage in dermatology

To treat skin rashes, take 3 granules of Tellurium metallicum 5 CH in the morning, afternoon and evening.

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Good to know: Tellurium metallicum is recommended in cases of symptoms that worsen with the cold and touch. It is also prescribed when the patient’s condition worsens with laughter and coughing and if the pain is unbearable during periods of rests, especially when lying on the painful side of the body.

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