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The therapeutic benefits of Ustilago in gynaecology

The homeopathic remedy Ustilago is produced from the transformations of a fungus’ spores, which settle on corn flowers, stems and leaves. When growing, the fungus produces large outgrowths that release black-coloured spores when they’re ripe. In general, Ustilago is indicated for perimenopausal women.

Main indications for use in gynaecology

In homeopathy, Ustilago is recommended for various gynaecological disorders affecting the sexual organs. The problems that can be treated with this remedy include yellow-coloured vaginal discharge accompagnied by a strong odour or excessive, clear and liquid menstrual fluid.

Pain at the cervix and painful sensations combined with inflammation of the left ovary are all gynaecological symptoms that can be treated with Ustilago.

Between periods, Ustilago may also be the appropriate remedy for pains radiating from the left breast sometimes accompanied by inflammation of the ovaries.

Ustilago is also indicated for membranous dysmenorrhoea or persistent uterine bleeding with dark coloured blood clots. This homoeopathic remedy is also an effective treatment for alleviating uterine bleeding. Left ovarian neuralgia with a sensitivity in that area can also be treated with Ustilago.

Recommended dosage

For gynaecological disorders such as metrorrhagia associated with pelvic heaviness, Ustilago is prescribed in a dilution of CH 4 to 9 CH but is always based on a medical diagnosis.

The dosage for premenopausal dysmenorrhoea also involves administering a homeopathic dilution of Ustilago 4 CH or 9 CH, depending on the symptoms. In case of hot flashes with a sudden return of menstruation, 3 granules of Ustilago 5 CH should be taken once a day.

In case of fibroids and polyps, they should be treated with Ustilago 5 CH combined to Sabina 5 CH, especially when the patient has large and dark-red blood clots.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “Ustilago “

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Associated diseases

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Good to know: Ustilago is often used to treat premenopausal disorders. However, this remedy is also prescribed to treat men who are experiencing problems like a lack of desire, pain in the testicles, a tendency to masturbate, or even a involuntary ejaculation at night.

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