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Aurum Metallicum and Aurum Muriaticum

Treating heart, rheumatic and ENT conditions with Aurum Metallicum and Aurum Muriaticum

Aurum Metallicum and Aurum Muriaticum are homoeopathic remedies that have similar general indications because of their common origin: gold. This stainless, insoluble and malleable metal can be found in brown and dull yellow powder, taking on a bright yellow colour under the hammer’s hits.

Aurum Metallicum

Aurum Metallicum is a homoeopathic remedy made from metallic gold. The remedy is sold in several forms, the most common of which being granules or mother tinctures. It has an exhilarating effect, which explains why it is prescribed in cases of abnormal behavioural disorders like suicidal tendencies. Aurum Metallicum can also be used for specific prolonged treatments and is an antidote to mercury.

Aurum Muriaticum

Aurum Muriaticum is a homoeopathic remedy made from gold and sodium chloride that can be found in the form of orange and yellow crystalline powder. In the presence of heat, it decomposes into metallic gold and sodium chloride. Since Antiquity, Aurum Muriaticum is prescribed, in combination with sun baths, for treating nervous breakdowns. Furthermore, it is also prescribed in cases of heart conditions.

Indications in cardiology

Aurum Metallicum and Aurum Muriaticum are used in cardiology to treat high blood pressure and excessive palpitations. They are also indicated for fighting off cardiovascular erethism and angina pectoris. Finally, these two remedies can be administered to treat aortitis.

Indications in rheumatology

Aurum Metallicum is used in rheumatology to reduce nocturnal bone pain. It is also recommended in case of bone alteration of specific origin, such as nasal bone decay. Finally, it acts on musculoskeletal disorders. Regarding Aurum Muriaticum, it is also prescribed in rheumatology for treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Indications for ENT disorders

Aurum Metallicum can treat many ENT disorders such as strokes, ear infections and apoplexy. It is prescribed to relieve dizziness and ear ringing that affect hypertensive patients. Meanwhile, Aurum Muriaticum allows to fight off tinnitus, a fatigue-related condition. It also helps to treat acute and chronic ear infections as well as mumps.

Behavioural disorders

Aurum Metallicum is an exhilarating remedy that is prescribed to cure depression, irritability and hyperactivity. It can calm patients who have suicidal tendencies, as well as those who become violent as a result of severe pain. Aurum Muriaticum is effective in treating depressed and angry patients. It is also prescribed for treating recurrent anxiety and chronic alcoholism.

Recommended dosage in cardiology

In case of heart disorder, it is strongly recommended to consult a homoeopath before taking the medicine, so that he or she can determine the most appropriate treatment depending on the symptoms experienced by the patient.

Recommended dosage in rheumatology

To treat chronic rheumatic disorders, it is advisable to take 3 granules of Aurum Metallicum 30 CH once a week. For acute disorders, it is preferable to take Aurum Metallicum in low dilutions.

Recommended dosage in case of ENT disorders

To treat tinnitus accompanied by congestion, take Aurum Metallicum with Glonoinum and Sulphur. In case of otitis, five granules of Aurum Metallicum 5 CH should be taken every two hours until the pain subsides.

Recommended dosage in case of behavioural disorder

It is advisable to take 5 granules of Aurum Metallicum 30 CH once a week to cure depression. It will be possible to complete the treatment by taking four granules of Ignatia 12 CH in the evening during 6 days before taking Aurum Metallicum.

It is also possible to treat mild depression by taking 5 granules of Aurum Metallicum 30 CH three times a day. This treatment is also effective in case of symptoms that do not lead to depression and that resorb themselves in less than 15 days. Finally, some behavioural disorders lead the patients to blame themselves for something, in which case Aurum Metallicum 9 CH should be taken.

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Good to know: Aurum Metallicum can be used as a preventive treatment of retinal detachment, but also to treat alcoholism.

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