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Vaccinotoxinum: a remedy of multiple therapeutic virtues

Vaccinotoxinum is a homoeopathic remedy prepared from samples of skin rashes taken from a heifer that has been inoculated for 5 days with smallpox vaccine. The remedy is used in the form of granules that must be left to dissolve under the tongue. The choice of dilution depends on the disease requiring treatment. For acute affections, it is recommended to use low dilution remedies such as 4 CH to 9 CH. High-dilution remedies such as 15 CH to 30 CH are well-suited to chronic diseases because in that case the remedy needs to treat the entire body.

Indications in infectiology

Vaccinotoxinum is used in infectiology to treat orolabial or perioral herpes. The primary infection is manifested by herpetic stomatitis. The reactivation of the latency phase is triggered by various factors such as the flu, fever or an emotional shock. Other elements such as overwork, emotional shocks or exposure to the sun are also triggering factors. Then, the prodromal phase occurs after 24 hours. It is manifested by the appearance of itchy erythematous patches. The vesicles are then subjected to ulceration before turning into scabs.

Indications in dermatology

Vaccinotoxinum is used in dermatology to prevent the appearance of cold sores. It is also administered to reduce rashes and chickenpox, a disease that is transmitted through simple contact with the blisters of an infected individual. Eruptions are small blisters that appear on the entire body and cause itching sensations. The blisters are round, of pink or red colour, and are filled with liquid. These vesicles dry out when they turn into scabs.

Dosage in infectiology

To treat oral or perioral herpes at the prodromal stage, it is advisable to take a dose of Sulphur 7 CH or 9 CH, or a dose of Sulphur iodatum 7 CH or 9 CH. The next step is to administer, after one hour has passed, a dose of Vaccinotoxinum 9 CH, followed by a dose of Rhus toxicodendron 15 CH two hours later. This treatment will help prevent rashes. To treat an outbreak of herpes, take 3 granules of Vaccinotoxinum 9 CH three times a day. At the end of the symptoms’ manifestation, prevent them from recurring by taking a dose, 2 to 3 times a month. To treat cold sores, combine the following remedies: a dose of Vaccinotoxinum  9 CH with 5 granules of Apis mellifica 15 CH for 5 intakes in case of swelling. The appearance of vesicles can be stopped by taking 5 granules of Rhus toxicodendron 9 CH.

Dosage in dermatology

To relieve cold sores, it is recommended to take three granules of Vaccinotoxinum 9 CH three times a day.

To alleviate chickenpox outbreaks, a dose of Vaccinotoxinum 15 CH is recommended a the onset of the first symptoms. In the case of rashes accompanied by itching sensations, the dose that is usually prescribed is 3 granules of Vaccinotoxinum 15 CH, to be taken 3 times a day.

Treatments and pathologies linked to “Vaccinotoxinum”

Associated pathologies

  • Herpes
  • Molluscum Contagiosum
  • Shingles

Important information Vaccinotoxinum can be used as a preventive measure to avoid the occurrence of a herpes outbreak.  You should then take 5 granules of Vaccinotoxinum , in increasing dilutions of 9 CH, 12 CH, 15 CH, and 30 CH during 4 days.

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