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Vipera redi

Treating phlebitis with Vipera Redi

Vipera Redi is a homeopathic remedy used in phlebology. Indeed, it allows you to treat diseases that affect the veins, notably phlebitis. Phlebitis is caused by poor blood circulation, a prolonged plaster-cast immobilization, confinement to bed or a long plane trip. Other factors, such as trauma, surgery, or certain diseases like cancer, can also favour the appearance of phlebitis. Some treatments can also foster the emergence of phlebitis, as may be the case of chemotherapy or the use of the contraceptive pill.

Overview of the Vipera Redi homeopathic remedy

Vipera Redi is a homeopathic remedy that comes from the aspic viper. This animal is very well-known in Italy and southern Europe. The aspic viper can be recognized by the two V-shaped black bands present on its head. In addition, it has brownish red skin and measures about 60 centimetres in length. The homeopathic strain used to produce the remedy is made from the animal’s venom. The drugs are administered perlingually, meaning that the patient must let the granules dissolve under the tongue.

Indications for use in phlebology

Vipera Redi is prescribed in phlebology to treat circulatory system affections. It is used in phlebology to treat superficial phlebitis or periphlebitis. These disorders are often followed by acute or chronic venous or perivenous inflammations. The inflammations cause pain and lead to the formation of blood clots in the veins. Paraphlebitis is a benign pathology that is visible under the skin. The symptoms are worsened when the patient is sitting with his or her legs dangling before suddenly standing up. He or she can see an improvement once the legs are kept in an elevated position.

Recommended dosage

To treat phlebitis, administer 3 granules of Vipera Redi 9 CH four times a day. In case of venous disorder, treat by administering 3 granules of Vipera Redi 5 CH two to three times a day. Sometimes, phlebitis can manifest itself by the appearance of varicose veins, which are veins that become enlarged and tortuous. To relieve the pain, administer 5 granules of Vipera Redi 5 CH and 5 granules of Arnica montana 9 CH twice a day. Sometimes, these symptoms can be followed by the emergence of haemorrhoids. In this case, take 5 granules of Aesculus Hippocastanum 5 CH three times a day in addition to the treatment.

Treatments and pathologies associated with “Vipera Redi “

Associated treatments

  • Apis Mellifera
  • ARNICA Montana

Associated diseases

  • Phlebitis

Good to know: Untreated cases of heavy legs can be the cause of phlebitis. In that case, it is manifested by a swelling of the legs followed by dilated veins and skin cyanosis. Vipera Redi 4 or 5 CH can be used as a preventive measure.

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