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Zincum metallicum

Zincum metallicum-based homoeopathic treatments

In homoeopathy, Zincum metallicum is intended for the treatment of health conditions in two distinct fields: gynaecology and psychology. In that regard, Zincum metallicum is prescribed to patients who suffer from behavioural disorders and are sometimes subject to deep anxiety. In gynaecology, it is recommended for the treatment of menstrual problems or at the onset of irregular vaginal discharge like pruritus.

Indications for use against anxiety

Anxiety can manifest itself by mood swings followed by unexplained irritability and sadness, and Zincum metallicum 9 CH appears to have beneficial effect on the mood of anxious people. In fact, it is recommended in case of anxiety or for symptoms that mainly occur in the evening, due to end-of-the-day fatigue.

Treatment for nervous tics

Tics are repetitive and uncontrollable muscle spasms. Zincum metallicum is available as a form of treatment, depending on their date of onset, but also according to their frequency and the psychological state that stimulates their activity. Tics may occur at an early age, around 5 to 7 years old, and become increasingly frequent as we age. However, they sometimes disappear by adolescence. Homoeopathic cures based on Zincum metallicum 9 CH can be used for selective treatment of rare tics and for preventive treatment if the condition worsens as time goes by. Nevertheless, long-term use is advisable to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Dosage in case of restless legs syndrome

Restless legs syndrome, also known under the name of Wittmaack–Ekbom syndrome, is manifested by the need to move one’s legs at all times. These muscular contractions that affect the lower limbs are often accompanied by tingling and irritating sensations that sometimes become painful. The syndrome mainly occurs at bedtime, preventing the patient from falling asleep in the best conditions since the movements are involuntary. The patient is then forced to move or walk around to avoid feeling pain. To remedy this, the patient needs to take Zincum metallicum 7 to 9 CH, twice a day, in the morning and evening.

Insomnia and sleeping disorders

Sleeping disorders and insomnia are all diseases that Zincum metallicum can treat in homeopathy. In general, these health problems appear when the patient is extremely tired or overworked and feels compelled to move his or her legs to relieve his or her discomfort. Zincum metallicum 7 CH can be prescribed to the patient to help him or her recover a healthy physical condition as early as possible.

Recommendations during menstruation

Menstruation can sometimes be painful, and varies in quantity depending on each woman’s natural predisposition.  Zincum metallicum 7 CH is thus strongly recommended for regulating the cycle and reducing the intensity of the abdominal pain. Moreover, during menstruation, the patient sometimes feels abdominal tension and an unusual heaviness in the legs leading to a long-term appearance of varicose veins.

Treatments for pruritus vulvae

Pruritus vulvae is characterized by itching around the labia, accompanied by a relatively large flow of vaginal discharge, burning sensations, bleeding and even dyspareunia during sexual intercourse. It is an isolated or chronic infection, that is organic or contact-based, that can manifest itself during the menstrual period and that is treatable with Zincum metallicum.

Indications for regulating the menstrual cycle

Zincum metallicum is prescribed for relieving dysmenorrhea, ovarian pain (the left ovary in particular), nymphomania, delay in the onset of menstruation, breast pain, abundant nocturnal menstruation and irregular menses during a unique cycle.

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Good to know: The effectiveness of Zincum metallicum lies in the fact that it is administered in different ways in homoeopathy, depending on the severity of the disease requiring treatment. Given that Zincum metallicum also has beneficial effects on the production of red blood cells, it is very effective for treating anemia.

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